Friday, June 11

family reunion

I just have one story because I don't have much to say about it other than there was no cell service. which was the best.

10:30 pm. Everyone was in bed, in their individual cabins, ready for the generator to be shut off.
they assigned a cabin to four girls, four single girls. Me, gina, fav cousing Cara, her sis lins.
11:00pm. Still awake, pitch dark. The generator had been shut off. you couldn't see the hand in front of you.
11:05pm. We hear someone stumbling up the steps to our cabin porch. Oh by the way. none of the cabins had locks on their doors. Because it's a family reunion ranch, the closest town is 20 miles away.
11:06pm. whoever is outside is moving around the chairs on our porch, dragging their feet...
I yell out "What do you want?! We know you're out there!"
Gina: "Daron? (brother) Is that you?"
Me: "We have hard objects!"
silence. more movement.
our minds are racing. Is it a drunk cowboy? An animal?
We hear the screen door open. By now we have our lantern on.
Gina and I bolt out of our beds. We grab the first harmful-like objects we could see: Gina got a mega-large aerosol hair spray can and I got the blow dryer. The two girls in the other room peek out to our room, staying hidden. For a moment we waited, objects held high, ready for attack. I pictured how I could use my blow dryer. Maybe swing it around like a helicopter so the attacker couldn't approach without being seriously injured.
Gina is brave enough to open the door.

"Hey guys, just checking up on you, how's it going?"
It was my brother. Playing a little pranky prank. I should have hit him with the blow dryer anyway.


I had goosebumps the entire hour I watched the finale. It's just good stuff.

Then I'm of course totally into So you think you can dance. I just love watching dancers. and feeling something from that. And hello all-stars allison and neil and lauren? jackpot.