Saturday, May 9

Old Friends

Today I went to a bridal shower for my childhood friend Alisa. I haven't seen her since junior high! But she has always remembered to call me on my birthday and we've kept in touch. I admire people like that. They don't forget their good old friends. I wish I was more like that. I get so caught up in life and the people I am currently with that I think of old friends as unreachable.
I'm going to try and be like Alisa.

Tuesday, May 5

Since I've been home

Recovered from jet lag
painted a wall in my parent's family room
babysat a bunch of kids for 8.5 days
applied to like 11 jobs
saw a couple movies
One of which was the ghost of girlfriends past. I don't recommend it.

Just look at this picture. It deceives you to think that he only has had a few girlfriends. Lies. But the last half is good. So maybe go an hour late. Yeah. Do that.