Thursday, September 11

burnt out

ok so that last post...not really a good description of how my semester is going to be.
My semester is going to be H-E-double hockey sticks.

I woke up this morning and was - brace yourselves - depressed

That is not good. And I thought about what was making me unhappy. It's because I am behind in my classes. My days are as follows: class, 5 hours of work, evening class, "homework." and sometimes institute. And by "homework" I mean stare at the first page of the 40 I am supposed to read for a single class and I can't absorb a single word. I'm burned out. Like a burned out lightbulb. And people are like "sooo do you like anyone in the WARD??!!" And I am like "H no!" Because I am incapable of feeling those types of emotions. No room. And those parts of my brain are defaulted as "off" until next april. And even Yeah I need to get with a Maori when I to to New Zealand. will do.

What was I getting at? Oh yes so I decided to quit my job. I put in my two weeks notice today. And they will probably let me go sooner because they can see longer smiley annoying hal. I probably smell too. Like burning. Because I am burnt out. Yes good, evacuate the building as soon as possible.

But I will be like a new release rental soon.