Thursday, December 23

Rube Goldberg

I went to a reception where they had one of these. Then one of my kids shows me this vid during recess:

I love Rube Goldberg Machines, greatest invention of all time.

Sunday, November 21

This week...

I am going to Arizona for Thanksgiving!

And I get to meet the car I've owned for over a month. AND DRIVE HIM HOME WITH ME!!!!

It's a 2000 ford contour (and when you say it out loud it sounds like you are saying "2004 contour haha) I haven't named him yet, suggestions welcome. He's white and I would prefer him to not be but oh well that's not his fault.

Saturday, October 30

Happy Halloween!

My school had Parent-teacher conferences and Friday off. So we all dressed up in our costumes on Wednesday.

I was the wicked witch of the west, AKA "Elphie" AKA I made my kids call me "Miss Wicked" and wouldn't respond to "teacher" or "Miss Shumway."

I acted in character all morning. I whacked each child with my broom, asking them what they were dressed as. I purposely locked the classroom door so that when kids left the classroom (for the restroom usually) they'd be locked out. So I would see them knock and try to get in through the small glass window on the door. And I would point to them and cackle my high witch cackle for a few seconds before I let them in. They loved that. I had a lot of kids wanted to go to the bathroom.

We moved our desks to the side and had a fashion show to techno music. and listened to the "Wicked" sound track all day.

Wednesday, October 20

You need a blog makeover.

My cousin Elissa is an awesome graphic designer (graduated with a DEGREE in it :) and has a new business creating custom blogs. I haven't had her do mine yet but plan on it soon! If you are interested in having her makeover your blog, email her at for more information and pricing. You can also email her links to blogs you like, let her know colors that you'd prefer, include pictures you want to be included in the blog design, etc. She can do it all!!

Monday, October 18

Red Ribbon Week

So of course my students are writing in their journals and talking about drugs.

One of my favorite students comes up to me and shows me a picture she is drawing. It has a cigarette, beer bottle, and tobacco with a circle-slash over them.

Student: What are some other drugs that we don't know about that I could draw?

I didn't know how to respond.

Student: I just need one more to make it look good.

So after a bunch of illegal drugs flashed through my mind, like a syringe, a pill bottle, and a gasoline tank, I decided that a wine glass would be good.

Me: just draw a wine glass.

This moment totally cracked me up and made my day

Monday, October 11


During school today, Pandora was playing on the screen of my computer and an advertisement to buy a new phone was on the screen. Students were going outside for recess and one hung back.

student: "Are you looking to buy a new phone?"
Me: "it's just the advertisement, I was playing music"
student: "Well if you are, I could get you $29 off a new phone"
Me: "For you or for me?"
student: "For you"
Me: "Is it some kind of coupon or something?"
student: "No, I just have $729 in my savings account so I could give you $29."

Thursday, October 7


I guess I am not really into blogging these days. Now that I don't spend my day in front of a computer for a job, it's one of the last things on my to do list when I have down time.

Recent highlights in my life are as follows:
Highlight #1 was Sunday. my niece Lexi turned four. We were at a party at her house in-between sessions of conference. Let me back up. Lexi doesn't talk. I try to get her to talk but all I get is a cute smile and maybe an answer provided by her older sister. But when she does talk, it's like heaven. She has the cutest little voice that makes your heart fill up with rainbows and gum drops.
So I was upstairs and the party was on the main floor. Lexi and a couple other random kids were up there with us. And out of no where, Lexi gave me a tour of the entire upstairs! She showed me her room, her closet, and even her favorite shoes: "Dees aw my favwit shoos! I weuw dem aw de time." (These are my favorite shoes, I wear them all the time.) She just talked and talked. It was like it was my birthday. (Lexi's on the right)

Highlight #2 was my dad's bday party on Monday night. The entire fam was on the main floor, enjoying my dad's favorite: spice cake with melt-in-your-mouth brown sugah frosting. A faint beeping could be heard amongst the noise of the kids and conversation. Then a pause. It was the fire alarm downstairs! Ah!
We quickly evacuated the children to the back deck outside whilst my parents and siblings slowly opened the door to the basement. The stairwell was filled with thick, gray smoke which spread to the area around us. Oh so that is why the smoke alarm went off. Gasp. Seconds past and we saw a figure emerging. My brother, Ethan, saving a child. Or what was that in his arms?
A fog machine.
Laughs were had and reactions of my parents relived.

(Just for the record: I was skeptical from the moment I saw that smoke. It didn't smell smokey!)

And highlight #3 was today.
I decided to give my fifth graders 5 minutes of extra recess. A couple girls were attempting round-offs in the field and I had the sudden urge to join them (rare occurance. Believe it or not, I rarely loosen up. The stress of teaching has practically stripped me of my personality:)
So I take off my keys and microphone necklaces and run, showing off my best round-off. Before I knew it, the whole class was lined up, showing off their [safe] tricks. It was just fun to play and have fun without planning or assessing it :)

So there you have it, a lil update. Now I'm going to read some blogs I haven't read in a month! yay!

Sunday, September 5

drool, water, and Malawi

Everytime I hold a cup of water, I spill it.
Like at this delicious Malawi's pizza place last night
and at dinner tonight
and getting a drink generally. I just forget I'm holding it

And during sunday school because it was fast sunday, I was leaning on my hand thinking about food. And after a few minutes I was like "what the heck, why is my hand wet?"
I was drooling.

Let's see what else. Yeah you need to try out Malawi's. It's in the riverwoods mall. so good. For every meal you buy, they will send a healthy meal to the orphans in Malawi. So I deduct that from my tithing. jk.

Tuesday, August 24

I'm officially a teacher

Because in my teacher inbox, I got the following forwarded message with the subject: "Now THIS is a pencil sharpener" and these pictures when you scroll down

totally incredible.



A teacher in the hallway just said "176 more days to go!"

But it was the best first day I've ever had!

Wednesday, August 18

A good mistake

So I drove to Salt Lake for my friend's reception.
And it was yesterday.

So I went shopping at the Gateway instead!

I haven't been shopping in seriously probably over a year. Because I wouldn't allow it, what with the big debt-hole in my pocket. But I am pretty sure I will be getting paid to teach 5th grade so I allotted myself a couple outfits! I am SOOOO excited because I got cute stuff. From my favorite store. Anthropologie. And don't let your jaw drop at that name, the stuff I bought was on sale. :)

And that, my friends, is why my trip to SL was a good mistake.

Saturday, August 14


I decided to go to Subway for lunch today.
I hate Subway.
But I had it last month with my cousins and it was yum. I got the Spicy Italian or something. Well on top of the fact that I don't really like sandwiches unless I'm starving or if they are made by me, I decided to see if it's something I'd learn to love.

I get up to the counter and realize I've committed to something that demands that I make a million decisions. The sandwich maker has 7 different meats, 10 choices of bread, 50 different vegetables, and 23.5 sauces to ask me about. And I hate being put on the spot. And I hate making decisions that involve committing. I was going to eat that sandwich and if I decided to put something gross then it would ruin my experience.

Whenever I eat out I usually ask the people that work there what their fav is. Always. Because I can't ever decide and I like them to just tell me what's good.
Well she named off 10 of her favorites. Oh wow. This was going to be epic.
I decided to get the 6 inch club. More meat, right? Because subway sandwiches always have one paper thin layer of meat and 2 stories of vegetables and crap.
Then she asks me what bread. I liked the two with cheese.
"What's the best of these two?"
Um...the italian.
"Ok I'll have the italian"
"the regular or the spiced one?"
She was picking up the spiced one.
"The regular"
she moved her hand to the white bread
"No, the spiced."
"Do you want this toasted?"
"yes." right after I said it, I knew it was a mistake. It's a hot day! Gross.
She turned around to start the toaster
"No, wait, not toasted. Sorry"
The cheese and vegetable part was easy but my jaw dropped when she loaded a truck full of onion and olives on there.
"Anything else?"
"Yeah...cookies. And a drink. So, yeah, the add a meal thing."
"You can have two cookies. Do you want them to be both chocolate chip?"
" One double chocolate."
"Do you have a subway card?"
"Well I'd offer you one but we're out."
phew. I probably would've gotten one because I was done deciding.
"Thanks for bearing with me"
"We've seen a lot worse, you're just fine"
I guess it could be worse.

After taking a couple bites, I felt the olives and onions were overpowering. Took them off. Got through half the sandwich (3 inches) and I had pulled everything off but the meat and cheese. Still couldn't eat the rest.

The cookies were so yum. Specially the chocolate chip. Should've gotten two of those.

Didn't pass the YES test, but oh well

OK So I don't know how they type in the special code but the peeps didn't type yes. Isn't that crazy? Crazy. How do they do it? I am not going to make my blog private though, because Tawny convinced me not to. I guess it's not that annoying. But still a little bit.

Wednesday, August 11

Sorry I've been lame.

Lately I've just tried to live my life as boring as possible because that is the opposite of how it will be starting next Thursday at 8:30 am. (Meetings start, then school starts (Aug 24), and yeah you know what that means)

I think I want to make this blog private because I get comments in a language I can't read. I wonder if their computers just don't have English letters? Maybe they can read this. If you leave comments in other languages, I appreciate your support in reading my blog. If you actually read my blog, and you are not just leaving random comments, please comment "yes" to this post. Thank you. If there are random characters without yesses, I am going to make this blog private :)

OK I have some posts coming up! I will be posting about how I've decorated my walls in my bedroom, and also about my nieces and nephews day camp that we had yesterday! So fun things. Don't be deceived into thinking my life is all fun and games though. I have been spending an average of 7 hours a day in my classroom! There is always stuff to do and it takes a LONG time! I actually really enjoy it though, because it's MINE and I can do WHATEVER I WANT with it! Wahhahahaha! Oh I decided to wait on a's taking forever to set up as it is, and to add a theme would be murderous to my well being. So that gives you another year to think of cool ideas!

I remember some of my seminary teachers saying they lived in Payson so I asked around about them and their kids go to my school! And I might teach em. So fun huh? They taught me, I teach their kids, their kids will probably teach my kids, bam bam BAM!

My mom and I went to Brick Oven for lunch today so I wasn't too hungry for dinner. But for some reason I wanted movie popcorn. I didn't want to pop some in my microwave, I wanted to go to the theater and get some of that kind. So I did. And that is what I had for dinner. And I promised myself I'd never eat that unhealthy again. Satisfying? yes. Like the "yes" comments I'll get on this post.

Sunday, August 1

Happy August!

I decided to count up the total number of interviews I had before I landed this job. Want to know how many?

Conclude what you will from this, I'm just glad it's over :)

Tuesday, July 27

What should I call my class?

maybe have it start with a "sh" so it sounds cooler. like shooting stars or shamrocks. Then I can theme my whole classroom after it! I am going to have so much fun.

When I smell these, I think of killing spiders

because these are the things I have used to kill spiders my whole life. It's the best way, because there is no contact, just smells.

Tuesday, July 20

throughout my life

I have associated songs with one another if they have the same words. When I was in elementary school the two songs that were most popular to roller skate to at Classic Skating were "Don't Turn Around," by Ace of Base and "total eclipse of the heart," by Bonnie Tyler "TURN AROOOUUUND..." Those songs were ironic, I thought to myself: "what does it take for someone to love you? Turn around or don't?"

Ever since I have naturally paired up songs that say similar things. like "Tick Tock," by ke$ha and "4 minutes," by JT & Madonna "we only got 4 minutes (wicky wick) 4 minutes tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock" By the way Tick Tock has been stuck in my head for months. Booooo.

Then there's these crazy people that show their love by walking 1,000 miles:
"I'm gonna be," by proclaimers (I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more) = 1000 miles and "1,000 miles," by Vanessa Carlton.

Wow, people that write songs. Please google your lyrics so they don't say the same thing as a song that is probably cooler! I'll catch on.

Justin Bieber, I'll let your hit "Find me Somebody to Love" slide. (like Queen's but NOT!) I enjoy that song a hecka lot, JB. so you're ok. Sorry I'm too old for you, maybe if age doesn't count in the hereafter we can work something out.

Anyone found this connection as well? What other songs are the same to you?

Thursday, July 8


I just got back from visiting my friend Katherine in CALIFORNIA!
I drove down with my cousins who were visiting my house last week. The car was packed but I slept most of the way! They live in Orange county so I rode the train down to San Diego where Kath picked me up.
Sunday we went to church and ate food at the bishop's after. stuffed myself. Since it was the fourth we said "hey! let's go watch fireworks!" so we did. Crazy traffic but hey. it's a holiday. what did we expect?

picture of Denise (Kath's cousin) Katherine, and ME at fireworks!

Monday Kath and I waited in line for like an hour for breakfast a Konos. Worth it? YES! Just yum yum food food. It was our first time and people told us to share but we ignored them. We each got the big breakfast which included an english muffin, eggs, amazing potatoes (with cheese and onion) and bacon. We should have shared.
On the way back from breakfast, oh it's now noon by the way, we decided to go to DISNEYLAND! So we did. And it was the best decision I've ever made. Traffic was bad. But again, may I remind myself, what do you expect on the day off for a holiday?
Disneyland was, of course, PIZACKED! But we got to squeeze in all our favorite rides. My top three are Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Screamin California, and Soarin. (hehe I had to say four because it's DISNEYLAND and I can.) What are yours?

TUESDAY kath had to workey work. So she let me just drop her off and use her car. And listen to how lame I am. I dropped her off, then I went back to the house and just slept :) Till lunch. When I woke up, I got a call. I GOT THE JOB! My life was officially real life now. No more playing around with no salary.
Picked kath up for lunch, we went to this new york sandwich place.
Then I buckled down and went to places after dropping her off. Went to Balboa park, so beautiful. Then to Sea World GUESS WHAT? You can buy a shopping pass there for $69 dollars and if you come back within an hour they REFUND you all the money! So I jogged around the whole park and was able to see/do everything I wanted. Including seeing SHAMU jump vertically completely out of the water!!!!! Amazing.
We got REAL Thai food that night. mmmmm.

Wednesday I dropped kath off at work then went to the TEMPLE which is so beautiful, I've always wanted to go. I wish I could see the whole thing :) Someday! With a lover! I will!
Went to this crappy bagel place by Von's. DON'T EAT THERE.
then to La Jolla Cove where I hiked around the rocks and saw widdle baby cwabs! and SEA WIONS! I gave the bagel idea another shot and got yummy yummy a blueberry scone at a bakery off the beach. Breakfast was redeemed.
Then to old town. I just drove around, didn't look like something I'd enjoy. Then to Cabrillo National Monument. They have a lighthouse you can walk into and a nice little path on the rocky cliffs off the beach.
Met Kath and her friends at lunch at this DELICIOUS place called Croutons. Salads. Soups. Sandwich.
Then I went to my favorite place that i want to live at forever. Coronado. So beautiful and it reminds me of the nice towns of New Zealand. sniff sniff. Parked. no change for the meter! there was 20 minutes left from the last guy. whew. Went to Coronado Hotel and walked the beach.
Then to the FARMER'S MARKET! I allowed myself one treat. I got four. he gave me a DEAL! I ate one on the beach, gave one to kath when I picked her up, and two are in my freezer.

5.4 magnitude. I was gettting gas before picking up katherine. I didn't have shoes on. I put the nozzle in the car. The ground swayed and I looked around, trying to decide where I could be the safest. I froze. I couldn't move. the guys next to me swore and labeled the shake as a "big" earthquake. I figured there would be an aftershock and I'd be alone!!! So I just put the nozzle back in the machine and drove away to be with Katherine. AHHHHH! I survived an EARTHQUAKE!

I made it to Katherine's work (wheW!!) and she drove my to the airport. Wah. I am back to normal life. Not that my life is normal. BUT I LOVED MY TRIP! I did everything I wanted to do and I got to go to DISNEYLAND. So magical. It was good to be with my friend and step out of my life.

Thursday, July 1

a sneeze that kills

I was walking down the hall from my room to go downstairs. My dad was working at the room just at the top of the stairs; I could hear him typing his loud, chicken-pecking way. (I usually have him shut his door when I am asleep because I can hear this from my room with my door closed) Just as I reach the top of the stairs, I hear a thunderous boom that makes me jump out of my skin and causes me to scream bloody murder. Then I realize, oh. That is just my dad, sneezing.

Thursday, June 17

To Kill a Mockingbird

Yesterday I went to the play at the Hale Center Theater. Before going, I decided to read some of the book, which I will finish today! I just love this book. The characters are hilarious, I relate to Scout a ton. And I want to marry a man like Atticus. So deep and complex. And his parenting style is beautiful. The play was really entertaining and the kids were darlings. Go see it! just a couple more days at the hale center theater!

Friday, June 11

family reunion

I just have one story because I don't have much to say about it other than there was no cell service. which was the best.

10:30 pm. Everyone was in bed, in their individual cabins, ready for the generator to be shut off.
they assigned a cabin to four girls, four single girls. Me, gina, fav cousing Cara, her sis lins.
11:00pm. Still awake, pitch dark. The generator had been shut off. you couldn't see the hand in front of you.
11:05pm. We hear someone stumbling up the steps to our cabin porch. Oh by the way. none of the cabins had locks on their doors. Because it's a family reunion ranch, the closest town is 20 miles away.
11:06pm. whoever is outside is moving around the chairs on our porch, dragging their feet...
I yell out "What do you want?! We know you're out there!"
Gina: "Daron? (brother) Is that you?"
Me: "We have hard objects!"
silence. more movement.
our minds are racing. Is it a drunk cowboy? An animal?
We hear the screen door open. By now we have our lantern on.
Gina and I bolt out of our beds. We grab the first harmful-like objects we could see: Gina got a mega-large aerosol hair spray can and I got the blow dryer. The two girls in the other room peek out to our room, staying hidden. For a moment we waited, objects held high, ready for attack. I pictured how I could use my blow dryer. Maybe swing it around like a helicopter so the attacker couldn't approach without being seriously injured.
Gina is brave enough to open the door.

"Hey guys, just checking up on you, how's it going?"
It was my brother. Playing a little pranky prank. I should have hit him with the blow dryer anyway.


I had goosebumps the entire hour I watched the finale. It's just good stuff.

Then I'm of course totally into So you think you can dance. I just love watching dancers. and feeling something from that. And hello all-stars allison and neil and lauren? jackpot.

Wednesday, June 2

Tell me why

I am still using an electric blanket to stay JUNE?

Happy June by the way.

Sunday, May 30

Take a chance

Lately I've decided to not listen to my usual songs, to give the 4,000 + other songs on my iPod a chance. It's so fun to find hidden treasures you never knew you had.

Like "Silver Lining" by Rilo Kiley
or "OSET" by Jojo
and of course the oldies of Mariah, n'sync, I can't believe I called those oldies.

Just take a challenge and do the same. Give your other songs a chance and refresh your groove! Let me know how it works out.

Tuesday, May 25

Birthday Card lol moment

Each member of my family signed a birthday card for me. I have revisited this card a couple times since my bday because I knew it would crack me up. So I wanted to share some selections of this card and give you a lol moment if you don't mind.

"We love you. I have often wondered about that. -Ethan"
"Love you. Peace. -Daron"
"Hallie, You bring that light to your life that nobody else can see except Michelle (his wife). love, Khyl"
And without reading Khyl's comment, Michelle wrote: "Hallie- I am in love with you. Will you marry me? Wait...I guess Khyl is kind of like your twin. That's why I married him. Because he's male."

Wednesday, May 19

I don't need to stop to smell the roses, I can just drive my scooter near one

I like just driving my scooter and breathing in deeply through my nose as I pass anything blooming. Smells so good outside in many places.

Smell of the week: I specially love the smell of those hanging flowers, called wisteria. (my mom knew that...and now you and I do)

Monday, May 17

I'm three and twenty

And so far it's been splendid.

I woke up Saturday morning, when it was my bday, threw on some clothes and went to Mimi's with daddy and Gina.  
Then Gina and I went to Downeast and got some marked down designer jeans I tried on and fell in love with.  This doesn't happen very often when you have a body like mine.  Usually my parents give me money and I just use it to pay off my credit card but this year I decided to use my birthday money on something I wanted.  
Driving on the way to the farmer's market we stopped at a red light.  I saw that the stoplight would take a while so I turned up the music, got out of the car, and just danced around it.  It was my birthday and that is what I felt like doing.  So I did.  And the people in the cars around me looked at me like I was crazy.  Well I got news for you mr driver with sunglasses.  I am.
Walked around the farmer's market and tasted some honey from a wildflower region in the mountains.  it tasted so interesting and good.  
Then to the baseball game!  I met my dad, nephews, Daron, and Krystal there.  We had J-dawgs at this tailgate party.  I love J-dawgs so blasted much.
The game was fun.  Gina was on a group date so my dad and I did my best to embarrass her, yelling out stuff.
I got my hair died darker brown then trimmed.  My cousin does hair and I've wanted to see what she could do.  She was amazing.  It was fun to chat with her.  and I love getting my hair done.
Met some friends and family at Wingers.  My brother poured popcorn seeds into my kiwi sprite.
Then my birthday was over because I went to a couple parties, one was a bday party for my nz friend and the other was a tim tam slam/thai food party and no one knew it was my bday.  I liked that. It was my little secret.  And I had fun.  And the food was bomb.
Then I watched The Princess and the Frog which I have only heard bad things about.  But I really loved it.
My party could have been better if Katherine hadn't moved away and my mom wasn't in Hawaii with her sisters.  BUT I'M 23!  YAY!

Thursday, May 13

I didn't get the job

but that doesn't mean anything. It just means I have endless possibilities and I'm not tied down to that one school anymore. I know there is a class out there that I am destined to teach! Can't wait till this is over. I am sooo done with my black pencil skirt, panty hose, and ironing shirts. Then getting all nervous for the interview. Then feeling really good about the interview. then waiting to hear back. That is almost worse than any other part. Finally hearing back and having them tell you everything you want to hear. But the fact that you didn't get the job. It'll be worth it when it finally works out though.

See, this is me and my future employer.

Monday, May 10

Hold on for one more day

This song is my favorite right now and I listen to it on repeat because it totally encompasses everything I am feeling today!
Because one more day, and I'll know.

here is a comment on the page of this video: "ive listened to this song 35 times in a row now. im hooked!! yes i am a man and NOT GAY!! HAHA this song has KEPT ME FROM KILLING MYSELF."

The power of this song can touch your life too.
Oh dang it!! It won't let me embed the original. So here's just the song while you look at random metal doors or windows or something:

It's crazy how many things hang on getting a job - this job.
  • paying off my debt
  • going to Belize this summer
  • the quality of my relationships

jk about the last one but seriously the first two are pretty big deals.

Thursday, May 6

Bye Katherine

This post is a kind of thick so don't read it if you feel awkward pretty easily.

Having your best friend move away is like getting a limb torn off.
I would know.

It's kind of annoying because last year I came back from New Zealand and she had her own group of friends so I found my own friends. But that didn't last very long, our separate lifestyles. Because we are just better when we have the other as part of our lives. So we see each other every day. Except not today. because she moved to San Diego today.

Now we are both left to make do with the other friends we have. Not that they aren't amazing and make us better, but that we will miss that reinforcing response when we do something crazy. We will feel silence in the moments where we are usually reassured.

The future is unknown; no fall semester to surely be back for. Only the hope that we will be lifetime friends, be it long or short distance. (we are both THE WORST at keeping in touch with old friends, so this may require a miracle.) And the hope of fulfilling the joking prediction to live as old ladies together with lots of cats; after our husbands have passed and our children have gone away.

Wednesday, May 5

upidy date

I interviewed for two positions yesterday and it went really well. There were 7 people in the conference room, staring me down and interrogating me! jk I was totally loving it and had a good time. I have a gift for interviewing. But that doesn't ensure ANYTHING because it's all about what they want, not how the interview went.

I will hear back in a week at the EARLIEST! dying here!

Monday, May 3


The Mt. Timpanogos Temple Prayer Roll's mailbox is FULL!


So you're telling me there's a chance

tomorrow at 2:30 will be the most important moment of my CAREER!
It's an interview for the two openings at the school I am an aide at.
I hear they are getting about 150 applicants a day for these openings.
And I am among the least experienced.
But we are just focusing on that small percentage that I will get it!
I totally got this.

Thursday, April 29

I have applied

to 47 jobs within the past week.

I feel a storm comin.

Hopefully a storm that brings may flowers. Like teaching-job may flowers.

Even my nephew is looking out for me

I was driving my nephew home from swimming lessons today. His name is Seth and he is 6. Here is a conversation we had that I loved:

Hallie: "Look at that guy holding the flowers. Any guy with flowers is cute"
Seth: "You couldn't date that guy. You can't even see his face that well. You haven't even heard his voice."
Hallie: "That doesn't mean I can't date him"
Seth: "Not that guy. That guy's a weirdo."

The guy was on one of those leg wheeler things with a huge cast on his leg. So I guess I can see where Seth is coming from.

Then we continued our wet-willy war. We give each other wet-willies for fun. It's the best.

Oh look I found a recent photograph of the two of us:

Monday, April 26

June 30

half of me has goosebumps and the other half is laughing that I am nerdy enough to be into this.

Can't wait.

But I've only seen New Moon once, so I need to watch it again! Let's have a marathon! Anyone? Alyson? Deal?

Saturday, April 24


When I got my cap and gown from the Hinckley Center, I still had my hot roller-curlers in my hair. The employees helping me bet me $30 to go to commencement wearing the hot rollers. I told them the least I'd do it for would be $75. They couldn't get enough people to raise the money but the offer was still on the table. tempting, very tempting.

My grandpa shumway was able to come.

This is me as I was walking into the Marriot for commencement. I got a bloody nose during Elder Christofferson's talk so I had to walk over a row of graduates and climb up a hundred stairs to get to the bathroom. how embarrassing!

Lucky I had Kath to stand in line with and sit by! We thought of going to the same college to "walk" together...just as a joke. We didn't end up doing it.

New Zealand Graduates! We'll change the world, one school at a time.

Wednesday, April 21


I recently found out that my dad hates our dog's name.

Every time he has a client come over for a meeting and Daisy barks at them coming in, my dad quickly excuses her as: "My wife's dog"

"You know you've been around a lot recently when Daisy doesn't bark at you when you come over" -A friend

Daisy doesn't usually bark at females

She spends most of her time upstairs on her folded up mattress pad my parents assembled for her. But once she hears someone's in the kitchen, you hear her come running. And she follows you around the kitchen. You're by the fridge, she's right there with you. Opening a can of tuna? Her favorite. She's right at your heels. We should have named her shadow.

I refuse to reinforce this "shadow" behavior, so I have taught her to lie down in the next room. And she will, no matter how I say it, she knows to leave me alone. If she is patient and I am no longer irritated by her breathing down my I award her with the empty can of tuna or whatevs before I leave the kitchen area.

I saw shitzu pups for sale at a local grocery store and thought of how my mom has ALWAYS wanted a shitzu. Instead we got Daisy. I guess we'll keep her.

She's 77 in dog years. that's 11 adult years.

lousy pics, I know. But I had to show a side shot to capture the essence of this dog's mass.
(Cute nephews, though, right? christmas 09.)

Monday, April 19


I allowed my existence to be forgotten
as I sunk into the small bud I once was,
remembering the springtime of childhood.
Spent in the boughs of apple trees
with a friend.
That was our kingdom, where shoes were a disgrace
and clean knees sparing lines of green never lasted.
The smell of dirt, the sting of a scratch,
the taste of the milk-white ends of grass
accompanied our simple symphony of laughter

I'm Reading this book (no spoilers)

I decided to do this new thing. Where I will start reading a book without reading the summary on the back or the reviews or ANYTHING. It's so tempting but it gives me a nice clean slate so I don't expect or predict anything prematurely.

Funny how different this approach is from my mom's, who reads the LAST CHAPTER of the books she reads before she is even halfway through. It's like starting elementary school and deciding to go to college real quick to be sure it's worth the effort.

Ok now that I've used that analogy I guess it kind of makes sense but IT'S SUICIDE.

Thursday, April 15

Shaking it up in Logan

This morning I was getting ready for work, planning to take the natural gas vehicle then drive straight to Logan from there for an interview. 15 minutes before I leave, my dad says he is coming with me.

Normally, I would not respond, dread every moment beforehand, and just "get through" anytime my dad drives me anywhere. Because he always has an ulterior motive. This time I was glad he wanted to come. I usually enjoy long drives by myself, but I welcomed the thought of having another human along for this trip. So we arranged a time and when I was back from work and he was ready to go.

His ulterior motives were: Pepperidge Farms and visiting his old friend. My dad loves to go to Pepperidge Farms in Logan and stock up on their cookies, available in bulk. "Dad, which would you say you came to Logan for mostly: to visit Tom or get cookies from Pepperidge Farms?"
"To visit Tom."

When he said this I was kind of sad he didn't say Pepperidge Farms because that would be awesome. But then I let what he said sink. My dad is a good person.

Seriously though. My dad is the best.

Why my dad is cooler than your dad:
1. He knows everything about the surrounding areas he's lived or frequently traveled.
for example, we were driving through this random canyon and I asked him what the name of the canyon was. "Sardine Canyon." Whaaa?
2. If you want to know a phone number to any local grocery store, neighbor, relative, or other location he may have called at least once in the past, he'll tell you the number.
3. He knows everything about our ancestors and their life stories. We drove through a town near Logan where my Great-great-grandpa first settled after he came to the SL Valley. He proceeded to tell me his life story and the stories of his descendants that stayed behind in Logan. (My great-great-grandpa is the reason you are alive. He built mills in cities where your ancestors probably lived, which fed them and therefore kept them alive and therefore allowed you to exist.)
4. He sticks with people. (I am the worst at this.) He has stayed in contact with a friend he's had since his freshman year in HS. He baptized him into the church when they were 18 but he turned atheist a few years later, which would be a heck of a reason to not want to be someone's friend anymore! Ew, right? But here they are, in their 50's, still friends. That is a big heart right there.
5. He lets me listen to songs like "Bleeding Love," "So Complicated," "Big Girls Don't Cry" and "Already Gone" on the radio and pretends to like them. "Who sings this?" is usually a good sign that he can handle it. Silence means change it.
6. He has me for a daughter!

and oh my HECK we felt an earthquake while we were up there! A 5.0 magnituder hit Randolph, which was like 50 miles east of us. We were sitting down at a restaurant and we felt like the ground under our chairs was moooving. it felt like this: Ssshhakkke shake ....shaakkkkee. "Did you feel that?" I asked my dad. "That must have been an earthquake" he responded, then told me about the last time he felt an earthquake, 35 years ago in Mexico.

Oh by the way. My interview went AWESOME. The guy I interviewed with is my mom's 2nd cousin. After realizing this connection I felt totally at ease, like I was talking to my cousin. and I was. We left Logan 4 hours after my interview ended because I decided to make my dad's ulterior motives my own ulterior motives too. And it was just what I needed in my life right now, something totally unseemly. Love you dad, even though you never read my blog and that is probably good because I mostly make fun of you. (each word is a different story. Just click one. Promise you'll laugh.)

You get away with so much more as an adult

than as a kid.

For example, I was browsing the books at the book fair with a 5th grade class when the most obnoxious and troubled 5th grader began to copycat me. He holds a dear place in my heart because back in the day, I was the most obnoxious and troubled 5th grader. So I let him copycat me. And I hate when people copycat me, I get very impatient and I explode. (Ask Katherine about the first time she echoed everything I said) Knowing where he was coming from and that this was the response he was seeking, I acted the opposite. He followed me around, touching everything I did, responding to the other students as I would. Then I began messing with my hair, slapping my face, and doing things that would make him stop. He finally decided it wasn't worth it and walked away. A few minutes later, I found myself by the fun toys and pens with a variety of squishy, slinky, and feathery tops. I started to play with them and in no time the o & t 5th grader was mimicking me again. I stopped and started to walk away when a lady working at the bookstore got mad at the boy.

Compare, side by side, the same person. One is an adult, and one is 12. The adult will get away with anything short of murder. The 12 year old will not get away with anything other than cookie-cutter, calm, collected behavior.

(OK I know I am totally exaggerating here, but you get my point)

I am so glad I'm an adult. Those younger years were a hard time for me. And maybe it is just being a student that requires quiet behavior? Yeah I am glad I'm the teacher now, seeing it from their point of view. fun.

Wednesday, April 14

Do you ever just want to die?

Well that is how it was for me this morning.

Then I walked into a classroom where 7 chicks just hatched. and they were all chirping and cuddling each other, looking like a big ol fluff ball of sunshine. Of the 7, 2 were black and they are my favorite. The kids named the first chick "omelet." clever kids. (Their teacher spelled it "omlet" and it drove me NUTS!)

Don't ask about what this chick left behind that still makes me cringe every time I look at my hand.

Sunday, April 11

The next 6 posts

will be about my cruise to mexico! We drove to my cousin's house in Brea last Friday and got home late last night. So enjoy the dozens of pictures and have lots of fun reading about how much fun I had.