Saturday, April 24


When I got my cap and gown from the Hinckley Center, I still had my hot roller-curlers in my hair. The employees helping me bet me $30 to go to commencement wearing the hot rollers. I told them the least I'd do it for would be $75. They couldn't get enough people to raise the money but the offer was still on the table. tempting, very tempting.

My grandpa shumway was able to come.

This is me as I was walking into the Marriot for commencement. I got a bloody nose during Elder Christofferson's talk so I had to walk over a row of graduates and climb up a hundred stairs to get to the bathroom. how embarrassing!

Lucky I had Kath to stand in line with and sit by! We thought of going to the same college to "walk" together...just as a joke. We didn't end up doing it.

New Zealand Graduates! We'll change the world, one school at a time.


Anonymous said...

Learning makes life sweet...................................................

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Congrats Hayley! I'm sad I didn't see you, but you are gorgeous! I love your hair ;)

The Shumways said...

Congrats Hallie!!! I had so much fun at your grad parties! You are one of my favorite people in the whole world. I love love love your guts!

p.s. I just read that Daisy post and can't stop smiling and laughing because of it. Soooo funny. Heaven bless her.