Tuesday, September 17


Rob came over to my house, he was right on time.  The plan was to go to dinner, then FHE, then Stewart Falls.  I was taking my sweet time to get ready, so he came up to find me and got a random phone call from Mark, his good friend who happens to be a pilot, and who happened to be flying that evening and was wondering if we wanted to come for the final hour he had the plane.
Rob had asked me if I wanted to go flying ever since we first started dating, so I had small suspicions but didn't want to think about it.  So I just went!  And we flew in a small plane over the valley!  As we approached the canyon, to the east was my favorite spot to think.  It's this gazebo on the top of a small mountain.  I told Rob I wanted to be proposed to in that gazebo back when we went there to watch the supermoon.  Mark and Rob exchange some kind of telepathic look and both shrug shoulders.  I am looking for a sign, but don't see one.
Rob: "Didn't you say you wanted to get proposed to in that gazebo?"
"Yes..." Bracing myself for just a "huh" something.
I look the other way toward the lake and hear my full name.  When I turn around he is holding a cube ring box!
"Will you marry me?"
I am speechless and just giggle for what seemed like forever.  I couldn't talk I was so excited and the ring was perfect!
I pull out my phone and have Mark film as Rob slides the ring on my finger.

We fly through the canyon and over deer creek.  Rob is starting to feel sick.
"Do you need some water?"
So I reach back for a bottle of water and see he is reaching back as well, but not to help me get the water.  He pulls out a large bottle of some beverage.  I didn't know what it was because the label and lid were covered in white ribbon.
As I peel off the ribbon I see a familiar yellow/brown label.  It's L&P!  My favorite beverage only found in New Zealand!!!

He pulls out wine glasses then another box is revealed.  A pound of Sees Chocolates!  And not just any variety pack.  It's a whole pound of my favorite treat in the world!  Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream!!!
I am overwhelmed.  It's too much!  It's perfect.

We land and Rob says we have a reservation at 8:15 at a restaurant in Orem.  I can't really think of a restaurant in Orem that would suit the occasion...He turns right onto state street then into chuck-a-rama/Wendy's parking lot.  Obviously a joke but a hilarious one nonetheless.  Love this guy.

A few more blocks and he gets into the left turning lane...Chef's Table?!  I have always wanted to go there!  Fancyyyy.  We are given a palate cleanser (lemon sorbet and mint) then a complimentary appetizer (Coconut Shrimp)
I order the filet mignon.  Because we just got engaged and I could, right?  Haha it was delicious.  Rob got Chicken and Shrimp.  And we got flavored lemonades throughout, peach and raspberry.

Rob was stuffed but I couldn't NOT order dessert.  I'm so high maintenance when I get engaged, just for future reference.  We ordered the chocolate creme brulee and it was the perfect ending to a perfect day.  Or so I thought.

We stopped by my parents to show them the ring and share a chocolate and a taste of L&P. Then he said he had one more thing.  One more thing?  I was already blown away!  But one more thing we did.  He drove me up to the trailhead of that gazebo.  We hiked the uphill, 20 minute hike to the top and I saw some weird stuff in the clearing as we approached the gazebo.  I couldn't tell if they had put panelling on the gravel or if Rob had laid down pads for us to sit on...But there was a lot of something on the ground.  As we came nearer I saw what it was.  It was the sign!  It was my name spelled out in large tablecloth letters held down with Rocks.  I of course freaked.  That was the last touch that made my night.

We enjoyed the view of the city and talked about the evening, how wonderful he is and how wonderful I am to him I guess.  Then we walked to the center of the gazebo and danced to one of our favorite songs and he sang and made me feel like I was the luckiest girl in the world.  And not just for that night.  Forever!

We're getting married on October 26th in the Provo Utah Temple!  The best day has been lived and only better days are to come!

Thursday, July 4

Why I bother going to the 4th Parade

Even on my scooter, it took a half hour to go the 4.6 miles to where my family was sitting.  As the parade started I thought to myself: I enjoy spending time with my family, but...I don't love parades.  What was so great about the parade?  Why didn't I remember this before driving all the way here?
Don't get me wrong, I love the fourth and I love my country and celebrating it in the evening is the BEST!  But yeah, you know what I mean.
Then one of my brothers shouted something.  I laughed.  Oh!  This is why I come!  I pulled up my notepad app.  The things my brothers yell make it entertaining and should be recorded.  So here they are for you!  I hope it's not a "I guess I had to be there" sort of thing, maybe just have that expectation?  Keep in mind these are all shouted at the highest decible they can muster, and the people they are yelling at can always hear them. My brothers are not smiling as they yell these things, they are completely serious.  The parade participant's reaction is half the fun...

Parade quotes: 
Life Elevated float, the first "E" in "Elevated" was curved and looked like a "C"

When kids wanted candy from a pickup truck: "You don't want what's in the back of that truck (manure)"

To band:
"THAT'S A LITTLE TOO MUCH SASS FOR ME!" (To the color guard shaking their hips)

To pointless office entries and Toyota truck dealer entry: "THANKS FOR YOUR POINTLESS ENTRY!  THANKS FOR MAKING THE PARADE UNNECESSARILY LONG!"

Calling the first names of government officials like he knows them "SALLY!? SALLY!"

To air force veteran:

AFHS had a sign that said "We made it in! Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2014":

In loud royal British accent: "HALE CENTA THEATA!" 

To eagle mountain float:
"I'M GLAD YOUR CURRENT MAYOR ISN'T IN PRISON" (response from Miss Eagle Mountain: stops waving and smiles uncomfortably "...thanks, me too!")

Shawn: "Ryan, you look like a devil with those teeth."  

Thursday, June 20

Someday I'll need to read this to remember how great my life once was...

You'll be pleased to know I have yet to watch a TV episode in its entirety this summer.
That is how productive I've been!

My summer day begins with a natural wake, because alarms ruin lives.  I have yet to wake up past 11, tis a goal I've yet to achieve.

The sister missionaries text me sometime telling me what appointment/s for which they'd like me to accompany them.  Some appointments turn out to be frightening, others blow my mind spiritually because the message always applies to me so perfectly.

I'll get my garden clothes on, sometimes I will just put my bath robe on, depending on how proactive I feel.  However, the thought of putting my bathrobe on then having to take that off and put other clothes on is motivation enough to just get straight to the clothes part.  Clothes also ruin lives.  But they have to happen because culturally that is what my neighbors prefer.  I know my neighbor down the street sometimes just wears his slacks without a top and he is like, what, 60?  Yeah.  I don't want to cause that emotion for anyone.

I ask my mom what she wants me to do.  She'll say something real nice, like, "The pots need watered, but I can do that!" Uh...mom...you have a million other things to do and I have nothing.  Selfish mom. :) So I go out and water the pots, continue on my never-ending rock walkway project, weeding, etc.

Then I'll remember that I haven't had breakfast so I'll go in my kitchen and make myself a killer green smoothie that would blow Jamba out of business.  Sorry Jamba.

I'll run a couple errands, maybe drop by my classroom, practice the piano or guitar, clean something, go out with the missionaries for a visit, etc.  Then when 2 or 3pm rolls around I always end up napping for at least 20 minutes and at most 3 hours.

I work at the temple a couple days a week, except in July it's closed so who knows what'll happen during those times.

Coryse and I play tennis every day between 4 and 6.  We are getting moderately ok!

Usually some social event in the evening. So Coryse and I will shower then meet up at that event.

Later we'll hang out with friends or end up in Coryse's hot tub, watching the stars, listening to relaxing music, releasing toxins...

Then my boyfriend will call me and we will talk.  He is my favorite. You should meet him and fall in love too!


Tuesday, May 7


Recently, I've been obsessed with personality type.  Ever since my friend and her boyfriend said they were a perfect match according to Keirsey's 16 personality types.  I was all "I'm going to find my perfect match!"
I took the quiz five or six times, getting something different for each.  Then I looked back over my blog posts from 2007 (dare you to go there too, those were some of my best posts.) On July 20th I took the quiz and was INFP.  

Then here is the conundrum.

Hallie, you are an INTROVERT?

Yes.  I am.  A tad more introverted.  Let me explain why.

According to Wikipedia:
"Extraversion is "the act, state, or habit of being predominantly concerned with and obtaining gratification from what is outside the self".[4] An extroverted person is likely to enjoy time spent with people and find less reward in time spent alone. They tend to be energized when around other people, and they are more prone to boredom when they are by themselves."

I think this is where we seem to confuse introverts: "Introversion is not seen as being identical to shy or to being a social outcast. Introverts prefer solitary activities over social ones, whereas shy people (who may be extroverts at heart) avoid social encounters out of fear.[9]"

I am not shy.  I do not fear social encounters.  

I need alone time.  To "recharge," extroverts will seek out social situations.  I will not.
I don't really like people.  I like a few, and I am very energetic and over-sharing with them.  I have a few very deep and lasting relationsips.
On a first date?  It is all about the other person.  I don't do much talking.  It takes a while for strangers to get to know me because I am not open unless someone with whom I am comfortable is near me.

OK Wikipedia just blew my MIND!  This explains everything!


Although many people view being introverted or extroverted as a question with only two possible answers, most contemporary trait theories measure levels of extraversion-introversion as part of a single, continuous dimension of personality, with some scores near one end, and others near the half-way mark,[10] see the Big Five personality traits. Ambiversion is falling more or less directly in the middle.[4][11] An ambivert is moderately comfortable with groups and social interaction, but also can enjoy time alone, away from a crowd.

Monday, May 6


Reviewing Idioms last week, I had the kids pick from a list of common sayings, then draw the literal meaning and the cultural meaning.  I allowed them to use other idioms, not listed, with my approval.  One kid said his idiom was going to be "There's a bone in my leg."
I was intrigued but confused.
Me: "Oh do you mean: 'I have a bone to pick with you'?"
Student: "No."
Me: "Ummm...lets stick with one from the list."

Keeps things interesting

New student today.

I had him introduce himself and the others asked him questions.  Here are my two favorites:
(These kids were trying to be funny btw.)

"What kind of soap is your favorite?"
"What is your favorite color of napkin?"

The poor kid was all: "Uhhh...I usually like soaps that make me smell good"
He just ignored the second question.  As he should :)

What would you say to these?

Thursday, April 18

Cheering up

One of my favorite things about having a best friend is when they break up with their boyfriend.  It means I get more time with that friend!
But it gets tricky, because they are sad company.  So the challenge is trying to get them cheered up and back to their old fun selves again.  
I am horrible at this.  
You think I'd be great, being happy all the time.  
No, I never know what to say.  I guess it makes sense that I'm terrible at this.

I had a proud moment the other day, though!  See below:

It helped!  Even questions whether it's true!  She saved it as her home screen on her phone.  If she had an iPhone, there would be the following emoji in the text:

Friday, April 12

The drive to school

There are two things I specifically anticipate each morning I make the 30 minute drive to Payson (sometimes as little as 24 minutes.)

1. In my neighborhood there is a fluffy cat.  This cat is usually attached to a leash which is attached to the hand of its owner.  For some reason it is so fascinating to me.  A cat?  Submitting to a master?  Preposterous.  Just on a morning walk, strolling beside their owner.  Like it ain't no thang. I first caught sight of this on Monday, then again today.  I hope it's a regular occurance.  The next thing is just the opposite.

2. My school's name is Park View.  If you haven't already guessed, it is located by a - here's a little more time to guess - a - PARK!  The girl I carpool with and I were driving the usual routine, mundane drive, enduring that last block till we arrived.  Looking unassumingly at the park, my eyes widened.  Near the sidewalk was a man in athletic clothing (dark blue fubu sweater and black sweat pants) doing something I had never before seen or even imagined.  He was performing a combination of stretching and cardio.  His arms jutted up, then elbows thrust downward, circled back up, then straight down.  This pattern was repeated for the duration of driving the length of the park.
The next time we saw him, he was doing a motion like a fighter jet pilot would do.  Or a very active, jerky bird.  Arms were brought forward, elbows thrown straight back like wings, then from there forearms circled upward, hands clapped together above the head, and back to front position.  Repeated over and over, no smoothness, just quick, jerking, thrusting motions.
We have only witnessed this magical strangeness a handful of times.

This morning I was having a hard time, last night was difficult and I just want to be with my new nephew and his brothers that my parents are babysitting.  Well a miracle happened, a tender mercy sent straight from heaven for me to begin and end my journey to school.  I saw both the cat and the man in the blue fubu pullover.  I smiled and realized: today is going to be a good day.  Any day that begins with two odd yet remarkable things will certainly be an amazing one.

If I wasn't running late, I would have taking video and/or captured a pic.  I'll try to next time and post!

Wednesday, April 10

Songs that I'm into

Hey.  Click on these tunes.  The Empire of the Sun, Rihanna, and Passion Pit are more recent fads, not sure if they'll stick around like all the others; those have yet to be overplayed according to my ears.  Sorry about the last two...if you don't like them don't be mad.

Wednesday, April 3

White Chocolate

First off, I am NOT eating sugar.
Second off, I have no idea how this happened.
Thirdly, it's my spring break!  So I'm doing crafty projects.
But here's the story.

My mom and I went to Aunt Renae's for a day of quilting.  It started out smoothly (literally a lot of smoothing the quilt.) On the kitchen counter was a small bowl of dove white chocolate eggs.  Without asking, I carefully unwrapped the thin foil surrounding the never-before tasted delicacy and popped one after another in my mouth.
We finished pinning the quilt and got it on the big fat quilting machine.  This took a while and I was getting antsy and hungry for lunch.
We finally got started on the final part- the quilting!

This is a quilt that I pieced together.  Each square was made by a cousin or aunt of mine. (We each made a million of the same square, then exchanged squares!  Like a pot-luck quilt I guess.  I am sure there is a more accurate, nerdy quilt name for it.)

At this moment the electricity for the whole neighborhood went out.  My mom and I grabbed some sandwiches at Firehouse Subs and brought them back to Renae's, agreeing that if the power wasn't back on after we ate that we'd head back home to Provo.
Well the main road was blocked off by a fire truck and police.  Something huge happened.  Like nothing less than a nuclear explosion of some kind is what I figure happened.  Because the power didn't come back on till 4 hours after we left.
On my way out I made sure Aunt Renae wasn't looking and I snatched a couple more of those delicious dove white chocolate eggs, along with a couple of those cone-shaped chocolate eggs with the thick candy shell...what do they call those?  Very rich, but I'll take em.  I can't remember where I put them, I just remember sneakily taking them.
Mom made me drive home and even with sun glasses on, I could only drive with one eye half-open, the other shut.  I was really tired (even after a 10 hour night's sleep and a quick morning jog...maybe it was the JOG!)  So naturally, the first thing I did when I arrived home was turn on my electric blanket and take a nap. I set my alarm to awake 3 hours later to play tennis with my BFF Coryse.  When I awoke I was a little damp from the electric blanket - I usually just heat it up and turn it off as I sleep since I've heard I'll get cancer from using it.  It turns out the chocolates were napping with me - right smack in the middle of ma bed.  Needless to say they were melted to my middle and my sheets.  Good white chocolate gone to waste.
Will someone please tell me how in the h-e-double those chocolates got from Aunt Renae's counter to my bed?  I am stumped.

I can fit 8 tennis balls in my bra when I play tennis.  They don't fall out, I even tripped and fell once but everyone stayed secure!  

Friday, March 29

Good Friday

Here's an incredible testimony of Jesus Christ.

Saturday, March 23

A Single Pin on Pinterest gave me a Nightmare

I avoid horror films.  The Ring came out while I was in Junior High, at a time when I wanted to please people the very most.  Still wouldn't see it. I can count on one hand how many scary films I've seen.

OK I'll tell you them:

1. When a Stranger Calls
2. A Stephen King NR film in elementary school, can't remember the title.  I even googled it don't worry.
3. All M. Night Shyamalan: I can put this all on one because they're all pretty subtle
4. What Lies Beneath
5. Arachnophobia
oh yeah, and
6. I am Legend...yikes.

The leading cause of nightmares in my life are from movies.  Every once and a while, maybe every other month I'll have a horrible dream.

Last month I dreamt my sister, Gina, died.  Vivid.  Planned and went to the funeral and everything.  Woke up in tears.  I told my mom.  She said "Well don't tell her.  She is not the right state of mind to hear it."  Hahaha.  I didn't tell her.   I am just so pleased I still have my sister.  She has a very stable mind btw.

Now for what I've been building up to all this time!  I just awoke from a nightmare, brought on by a simple picture I saw on Pinterest!  I didn't even PIN it!!!  Alas, this creature resided in my dreams.

This is the pin.

It's a bear without fur.
Well, in my dream, bears without fur were competing against the human race for the planet.  They had an intellect that surpassed humans, in that they could hear our thoughts.  (Oh no, this has nothing to do with Twilight, I promise...eeee.)  They lived in the mountains and the foothills.  Since my house is in the foothills, I was constantly being hunted and pounced on.  Now close your eyes and imagine what that would look like.

The humans had blow guns and arrows that would put them under.  Or, in my case, I didn't have any weapon so I would punch them in the face.

The dream transferred to something indoors and I ne'er saw or heard from these hairless smartie bears e'er again.

Friday, March 22

Just thought you should Know...

Whatup 20 followers and random page-viewers (I see the stats, I know there are many of you.)

I am a single 5th grade teacher. It has always been a challenge to meet dudes. Somehow I've been going out on average every other week...sometimes with the same guy, sometimes with randoms.  That is pretty high for Utah County gals, even if you're super hot and fun (That's how it was for me in college...I know, crazy.)

Half the dates I go on are from online dating.  Which is bogus so I cancelled.  I went out with my last online guy twice two weeks ago, and when he called me this week I forgot to call him back.  When I did call him back I said: "Sorry I missed you...yesterday..." And it wasn't yesterday that I missed him.  It was before that.  He didn't call back.  Probably because I'm the worst.

I foresee the lack of online dating taking my numbers down, so I bought the following sticky note pad when I was at J Crew a month ago (They give teachers 15% off btw)

except for "YOU'RE TOO LOUD" it says "YOU'RE CUTE"

Trying to use them...write my number on them even.  They haven't been used since I bought them.  Just hung out there in my purse.  I decided to give two out at institute, which I was successful at.  I almost gave one to someone at a crosswalk today, but he was someone that I knew...who is engaged.  Wouldn't that be amazing?  To give out my number every day I am stopped at the longest light in Provo, watching those smartie BYU men walk to class? I'd be just like a creeper? 

This is way too forward and waaay out of my comfort zone, but I love dudes and I want to just date a lot and kiss a lot and love a lot.  When I find someone who I want to kiss for the rest of my life then I'll be happy I did this. Hopefully.  Probably.

Monday, March 18

St. Patrick's Day

Every St. Patrick's Day, a glorious thing occurs.

My mother makes a wonderful Irish meal.

Corned Beef (easy to dry out, last night's was perfection!)
Boiled carrots and potatoes
Soda bread with raisins (I don't love raisins, this is an exception)
Dessert:  Green jello pudding cake (not necessarily Irish, but we'll take it!)

I love my mom for this and other wonderful family traditions.

Tuesday, March 12

See his face whenever I, I look, at you

A guy I went on a date with last weekend reminded me of someone.  I couldn't think of who!

Today in the school, classroom, workplace: I found myself face-to-face with the reminder date face.  It's one of my kids!  Weirdness!  Even down to the mannerisms and facial expressions.  We're going out again this week...I sometimes let stupid things like that ruin everything.

"I don't think I can go out with you again"
"why not"
Queue Usher: "You remind me of a [student]..."

Thursday, February 21


My whole life I have been teased for spilling.  Spilling the gravy for Sunday dinners, missing the cup when I pour a liquid, tipping the cup over while pouring a liquid. (that cup doesn't weigh enough to take this waterfall!)

My mom makes me a smoothie every morning.  A green smoothie.  Ain't she grand?

This morning, I pulled into a parking spot at school and got out of my car, drank in hand.  I slipped.  I looked down.  The cup was tipped and pouring out onto the side of my car where I caught my fall.

Does that happen to anyone else?  When you spill something, you see the source of the spilling and it is your hand!  It is as if you have no control; how did your hand get to that angle?  Happens to me all the time.  Maybe that is what paralyzed people feel like.

I just walked away.  Didn't even look back at my car.  I hope it snows some more.  Cover that big ol smoothie splatter.

Friday, February 8

"I Like Cats"

Sometimes, when I say something I want to take back, and the conversation turns into something I don't want it to be, (this happens quite often.) I will simply insert "I Like Cats" and the conversation is dropped. Everyone gets confused.  Then we can talk about something else that I don't hate as much.

Wednesday, January 16


I got a new baby lizard.  She is adordable.
On my way home from school yesterday, I bought baby crickets so my baby lizard can eat and entertain.
Those crickets died on the way to work since my car was 0 degrees.  All of them were huddled together, belly up.  So sad. 
But I believe in miracles, so I put their cage in my lizard's tank to warm them up.  Put the heat lamp right over them.  One at a time, I saw the widdle crickets jump back to life!  By the time the kids were seated, every cricket, excepting a few, were all alive again!  We looked up this phenomenon via the world wide web and saw it was a normal occurance, and the crickets were simply in a state of paralysis and hibernation because they are cold-blooded.

That was just the beginning of my troubles.  We gathered around a large box to watch the little Sandy lizard eat her first batch of baby crickets.  I wanted to model how to appropriately sprinkle the vitamin powder, and in the process I clumsily knocked the cage of 64 resurrected crickets onto the floor.  Out of the ajar lid, the nearly invisible crickets popped out, here and there, jumping away from their fate.  I had all 25 children surround the area and catch any tiny crickets they could get a hold of.  We captured all of them - I think... 
Sandy enjoyed pouncing and chomping her delicious protein and seems content.  I hope the crickets that got away do not reproduce.  Icky.