Tuesday, December 30

We'll miss you, barbie heads

Gina and I spent our last night in Arizona with our best friends, stacy barbie head and barbie barbie head.
It all started when I was first introduced with Stacy barbie head. I was putting clothes in the washer. In my peripheral vision I saw someone standing next to me. I looked over. Stacy barbie head's face was 3 inches from mine. I screamed bloody murder, I was so startled. Gina was holding her. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of a ruthless barbie head war.

I was on my computer sitting on a chair next to my couch bed. My dad needed to use the computer so he sat on my couch bed. He sat on something hard and pulled it out from beneath my pillow. It was Stacy Barbie Head. Whew. Thanks dad. That stinker Gina was going to get it.

She caught me in her room trying to hide stacy barbie head. Failed attempt.

Several minutes passed and I heard that Gina was in the shower. I slowly turned the knob to the unlocked door. Stupid girl forgot to lock it. I quietly entered and held stacy barbie head just below the shower head as I stood on the other side of the shower curtain. It took a few seconds, Gina must have been closing her eyes. Then she SCREAMED and it was so satisfying. Strike one.

Barbie Barbie head said she felt left out. So I fastened my bra to the door of the bathroom and hung barbie's head on one of the straps. When Gina opened the bathroom door, barbie's head swung around. But Gina was scared out of scares. Dang it.

Luckily stacy had little suckers on the bottom of her stand. So I licked them and put her on the inside of Gina's bedroom door. Kekehehehehe

when I had gone to bed and all the lights in the house were out, I heard gina creep up to my bedroom door. Then I got a text from her with this picture and a recording of Gina's voice saying "sleep well, Hallie, sweet dreams" in a creepy whisper. so we tied, fair and square.

Shumway Christmas Reunion

We only got together with my dad's side once. On Sunday night. But it was so great. Here are some of the cousins we chilled with.

Then the turkey was done and Gina got a turkey shot. It's tradition.

Then, oh my gosh what? The turkey was pregnant!?It was a joke my mom and I decided to play. We got a cornish hen - they look like little baby turkeys. And we put the cornish hen in the turkey's tummy before we cooked the turkey. Then when we pulled the turkey out we acted surprised and confused because the turkey was pregnant. We got those shumways so good!


I called my mom vaness this entire trip. Didn't even think about it, it's just what I call her now?

Gramma loved her gifts! notice the slippers she is wearing. from me.

Dad loved the watch, which was totally unexpected. First gift we've given him that he hasn't returned.

Gina seemed to enjoy the purse that came with an umbrella. She'll have bad luck in 2009.

Thank you Gina for the bling

To conclude, it was a very Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 26

Gramma Quotes

When my Grandma Kellis first noticed my hair she said "Oh I love your hair short. When you had it all long and straight you looked like a witch. I didn't tell you then but now I can."

Discussing the Christmas meal preparations:
Hallie: How about banana cream pie?
Grandma, in a condescending tone: What is banana cream pie? I've never heard of banana cream pie!

In the car on the way home from the temple...
Grandma to mom: ...then we have to go to the fabric store to get white fabric for your temple dress
Hallie: Oh you mean for my wedding dress? Grandma, will you embroider my wedding dress?
Grandma, without hesitation: I will not
Hallie: But what if you do want to?
Grandma: If I ever wanted to make your wedding dress I would break my hands so I couldn't.

Monday, December 22

packing to the third power

So I packed and moved out of my homey townhome...sniff
now I am unpacking all that junk at my parents
then I am packing for AZ because I am spending a week there beginning tomorrow
then when I get back I'll be packing for NZ

I just looked up my school and my house on Google Earth! I will live on the skinniest part of New Zealand...which can only mean one thing...


and the school I will teach at looks amazing:
Pomaria School

and I have broadband in the home I will live in. So we'll keep in touch.

313 hours!
I just got shivers all over.

Monday, December 15

Niece and Neph Christmas Party

^ This is how the spontaneous dance party ended up. I said, "Hey I'm a christmas donkey! Everybody hop on let's go to bethlehem!" And they did.

The whole bunch. So cute. So loving. So sweet. Totally on the nice list.

Wednesday, December 10

Hey mom what's the difference between Gina and me?

Gina is "bossy"
you are "It's all about me"

so basically according to my mom we are both not very nice.

I'm probably not getting any presents this year.

Tuesday, December 9

Destroying Christmas...starting early this year

On Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 2:24 PM, Vanessa (my mom) wrote [to all her kids]:

My Christmas List:

Ebelskiver Filled-Pancake Pan - Williams Sonoma
Narciso Rodriguez Perfume - I saw it on eBay and google
gift card to Quilt's Etc. in Sandy
Gloves - not too thick
Mac eye shadow
Home Depot gift card
An HDTV...

On Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 4:56 PM, Hallie
[hit reply to all, forgetting to disclude her mom] wrote:
gina and I have the pancake pan taken care of...

On Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 4:57 PM, Hallie

Saturday, December 6

Murder Mystery

it was amazing! Until I made the bread pudding sauce with a cup of salt instead of a cup of sugar. Correct me if I'm wrong but that was possibly the worst thing you could ever experience.

Tuesday, December 2

for lunch I have a cream cheese and olive sandwich or a shredded cheddar cheese and pimento sandwich. totally weird I know but that is all I like right now.

Monday, December 1

Monday, November 24

Math teacher: "I guess I'll see you all after the break"

Hallie: "No you won't!"

Math teacher: (startled) "I guess I won't see all of you after the break?"

Hallie: "because...I will be a turkey."

Thursday, November 20

a few of my favorite things

the weather

a stuffed panda from one of my students. I named it "panama?"

the thanksgiving break that is going to take all my pain away

Walking into my apartment with 24 rolls of much needed toilet paper, seeing the faces of my roommates light up, then removing that joy by saying "HO HO HO! MERRY POOMAS!"

Monday, November 17

the classroom that I love

I am taking pictures of all the classrooms in my school and this is my favorite. Because you never know when a kid just really needs to go to the back a take a nap on the bunk bed. keehehe

Thursday, November 13

I put the hal in halloween

sarah palin, front right

a geisha, back left

Tuesday, November 11

make words that have "ee" in them

so this one kid, to be funny, asked how to spell the names of the other people in his group and added "ee" to their names. It's amazing what kids will come up with to NOT do exactly what you want them to do. Can't blame him. I was the same way.

Something different because Katherine just said:

"I keep looking at your blog and realizing that it is the same old boring thing."

Thursday, November 6

go see it

why are you reading this? go see it!


k NOW!

no seriously it is worth dropping whatever you are doing!

go go Go Go GOOOO!

Oh sorry

what I was for Halloween

at the elementary school:
a cowgirl. because the kids and teachers were NOT allowed to dress up on halloween but every friday because their mascot is wranglers you can dress up as a wrangler. So I went all out y'all

at the stake party and other lame parties:
a geisha.

at the nov 1st after party:
sarah palin.

all these are lame because the first one wasn't really a costume and the parties weren't as cool for my second costume and sarah palin lost the election. She should run next time. And by that I mean the real one. Because I was so easily confused with her it wasn't even funny.

write something!


So I taught for the first time this week. Nerve racking. Kids are great though. All my classes are postponed until December while I am at the elementary school. And guess what? I am 10 times happier because I am teaching actual kids. I'm not in class, stressing about fake things. I am doing what I want to do so I have a better perspective about life.

I sold my contract for winter semester because I am going to New Zealand on January 5th 2009.
I am down with some annoying sickness.
I cut my hair off. It's like above my shoulders a-line type thing. I like it.
My elementary school has a display of fake guns that look real in the library.
It also has stuffed deer heads and other wild mammals that are stuffed.
I am watching Peter Pan at my brother's house while babysitting because they are going to find out if Shell's baby is a boy or girl. I say boy? hm. They told me I would be the first to find out. other than the doctor and them.
I can't breathe out of my right nostril.

just found out...a third girl!

Saturday, October 25


I saw this last night for Gina's birthday. It was AMAZING. It was a dance production by Odyssey Dance Theatre for Halloween! They of course did Thriller which was even better than the music video, no offense Michael. then they had a mummy dance that was CRAZY and one of my favorites was the Frankenstein dance where it was Frankenstein and his wife or whatever her name is and she died in the middle of it and her body was completely limp as he kept trying to dance with her. It was amazing how she was able to be so limp! Like for reals maybe she was dead!
Then they had a skeleton dance where all the lights were off and it looked like real skeletons dancing because they had glow-in-the dark skeletons on.
And Sugarplum's finale was really awesome as well. This beautiful ballerina was decked out in a beautiful tutu and was dancing to the Sugarplum's fairy song like on nutcracker and then this guy in a white mask (as picture below) came onto the stage and BANG! he shot her. I know.

Then my second favorite was called "River of Blood Dance" where a bunch of girls were riverdancing and one by one they each got shot and fell out of the line of dance. It sounds really violent and it was but it. was. hilarious.
Then of course they had to have a vampire dance touching on "twilight" where all they guys were dressed in hot black edward stuff and chased a girl around the stage and bit her and she turned into a vampire. Pretty good junk.

Before and after they had zombies lying around on the floor and the stairs and they would walk up to you and breathe loudly in your ear and freak you out. so scary. Oh I have pictures of me and gina next to them I'll put em up later.

Wednesday, October 22

all over an i-clicker

K: "you're not moving out if you move out I will never talk to you again"
H: "well if you can raise 600 dollars for me..."
K: "i can't do that I don't sleep around anymore...that's cool if you think our friendship's worth only 600 dollars then yeah you should move out"

cold = painful

Note to self: Don't ride on the scooter to school without gloves.

Tuesday, October 14

A Walk with a Praying Mantis

Walking to class just barely I found a praying mantis on the sidewalk! He was just crawling toward the grass, having a great October walk as well. So I decided that it would be a good idea to share a walk together! I picked him up and at first he was a little alarmed. He spread out his arms like he wanted to attack me! (like in that picture below, which I just read was their defense pose.) But then he realized what we were doing and he calmed down. We walked together to my class and I put him a the foot of a bush where I am sure there are buggers he can feed on. Bad bugs. Because he's a good praying mantis. Thanks for making my day, I really needed that.

People were around. And seemed disturbed. Whatever though they don't even know.

Tuesday, October 7

Happy Halloween Octoberish time!

Yesterday Kath and I bought PUMPKINS and placed them on our PORCH!
What are you going to be for Halloween?

last year, bellatrix lestrange with witch sister

2007, ghost with black cat gina "rear!"

Monday, September 29

Drum Roll Please...

Beginning January 7 (because I fly out on Jan 5th and won't exist on January 6th hehehe)

I will be visiting the South Island and living on the North Island

I'll be living in this city (Auckland) and will hang off the tip of that tall building

I'll be frolicking in this field
I'll be seeing this flag there probably

Ummm...so where're you going Hal?

refer to the countdown on the right if you please.

Thursday, September 25

miss you summer.

sorry I took you for granted

Update of my life:
I will find out about New Zealand in 6 days.
I am learning a lot in my classes.
I got sick but I am not sick anymore.

Thursday, September 11

burnt out

ok so that last post...not really a good description of how my semester is going to be.
My semester is going to be H-E-double hockey sticks.

I woke up this morning and was - brace yourselves - depressed

That is not good. And I thought about what was making me unhappy. It's because I am behind in my classes. My days are as follows: class, 5 hours of work, evening class, "homework." and sometimes institute. And by "homework" I mean stare at the first page of the 40 I am supposed to read for a single class and I can't absorb a single word. I'm burned out. Like a burned out lightbulb. And people are like "sooo do you like anyone in the WARD??!!" And I am like "H no!" Because I am incapable of feeling those types of emotions. No room. And those parts of my brain are defaulted as "off" until next april. And even then...wow. Yeah I need to get with a Maori when I to to New Zealand. will do.

What was I getting at? Oh yes so I decided to quit my job. I put in my two weeks notice today. And they will probably let me go sooner because they can see it...no longer smiley annoying hal. I probably smell too. Like burning. Because I am burnt out. Yes good, evacuate the building as soon as possible.

But I will be like a new release rental soon.

Saturday, September 6

class class class

I really love my classes.

1st class: ice cream, meeting my 8 year old pen pals, and getting a butterfly cacoon that will hatch any day now.

2nd class: assignment to join facebook. The first day of class was the last day of class. From now on, the teacher and I will webcam.

3rd class: assignment to bring 3 things to class that describe me. A "show and tell" if you will.

4th class: my teacher is good looking

the other classes, like statistics, we will not talk about. But I think it will be ok.

Spoon Me

No thank you.

The first couple bites are good, then the texture feels prickley on your tongue. And the spoons are rough because they are eco-friendly.

And don't type just "spoon me" in the search box.

Friday, August 29

The Policemen

I hate when they're nice because then I can't hate them.

Tuesday, August 26


I take flaxseed. 2,000 mg, 3 times a day.
This morning at work I was staring at my computer for two hours: thinking, fiddling with my class schedule, g-chatting, shaking my right leg repetitively. Then I realized how much time I wasted and asked myself: "why can't I focus and just work?"

Oh. It's because I forgot to take my first dose of flax.

Seriously it does wonders. It helps me focus. I get anxious and irritable sometimes, especially with school about to start and other junk that is on my mind. Well I just take flax and I don't feel so irritable anymore.

Friday, August 22

my roommate for fall

She is bomb bomb baaaahhhhmmm!
is from San Jose
went to a community college there so she has never lived away from home [insert evil laugh]
major is Bio Chemistry
is into japanese and korean music
is teaching herself japanese
doesn't have any extenuating pet peeves
likes to have the window open
Her mom cleaned our bathroom cleaner than it was when it was new
plays the piano and violin
is a light sleeper
prefers to shower in the morning (and I shower at night!)
doesn't press the snooze
has kissed one boy
owns a pair of black suede knee-high boots
has an electric toothbrush
is happy
The last time she cried was at a testimony meeting a week ago.
is emotionally stable
is easy going and totally chill
goes with the flow
lets me be myself without a trace of judgement
I already love her.

oh and her name is jennifer. and she said I can call her whatever I want.

Monday, August 18

take it.

I don't want this month to end and I don't want summer to leave.

You know when you can just feel something about to happen in life? Like you know when a storm is coming and you can just feel like it's going to be a big one.

Well I know that fall of 2008 is going to be hard. It's the last semester I will have classes. Real classes at least. 17 credits worth including statistics which will kill me. it's just what has to happen though so I may as well take it like a woMAN. WOman.

whoooooaaaa MAN.

Thursday, August 14

the true hal unleashed

Sometimes I accidently let my personality out a little too much. And people are left very confused.

like this

And the worst part of it is having to explain myself. They demand an explanation. Why can't you just pretend like I didn't say that? When you get to know me and spend time with me, that will be explanation in and of itself.

Ok hal so what brought about this post? I was just on a lunch date with this guy in my ward. And if you are in my ward you have seen the true hal unleashed, sorry.
The first thing he asked me once we sat down:

"So you said two funny things yesterday and I want you to explain both of them: 'dirty play' and 'kissing boys' as your hobby"

Alright you silly confused little boy. and the people reading this blog.

Last night we were watching Cool Runnings (in honor of the olympics) and there was a swear word in the movie. Someone asked "where's a clearplay when you need one?"
My roommate: "I have clearplay"
Me: "I have dirtyplay"
[giggle giggle giggle, continue watching movie]

Dirty play: the opposite of clearplay. Instead of the dvd player editing out swear words, dirtyplay will add swear words. Can you imagine how cool and uncomfortable that would be? awesome. You could just put in your favorite swearwords wherever you want them. And if you like violence you could add violence. kehehehe!

Monday, August 11

Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn


I have refused to read or hear about these books until I knew the last book had come out. So I didn't have to wait. Harry Potter killed me when I had to wait. So I started Twilight a couple weeks ago and read them straight through. Good reads.
My favorite of all the books in this series was Twilight. Because Edward wasn't even in the 2nd one and Bella was driving me NUTTY in the 3rd one with her refusal to leave jacob alone. and the last book was ok but it was too weirdy to me. Like the whole baby deal. and the fact that jacob and the baby were in love. Hard for me to really relate to and embrace.
Favorite part of all the books? By the jeep at the trailhead when Edward was trying to convince Bella to go to the meadow. I think I will read that part again in a sec. So good.
Recommend? Yes. If you don't have anything better to do. If you do have something better to do, read Twilight and I will tell you what happens in the following 3 books.

Wednesday, August 6

bass lake, california

This place was heaven.
I slept under the stars, kayaked, read twilight, ate food, read twilight, laughed with katherine, swam in the lake, went on the boat, kayaked under the stars, and read some more twilight.

Thanks Kath, good to see you.

Thursday, July 24

'member when [your story here]

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together, or one of the first memories you have of me. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses.If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you...

Just do it already!

Thursday, July 17


a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.

b. Using only the first page, pick an image.

c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd's mosaic maker.

The Questions:

1. What is your first name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What high school did you go to?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. Who is your celebrity crush?
6. Favorite drink?
7. Dream vacation?
8. Favorite dessert?
9. What you want to be when you grow up?
10. What do you love most in life?
11. One Word to describe you.
12. Your flickr name.
Thanks Marcilyn I had a lot of fun with this one! It took like an hour.

Monday, July 14


Where do you want to go to Lunch?

You want to go to Kneaders. It is so much more than a bakery. As you walk in there are shelves of adorable crafts and gift baskets.
Order a Turkey Ranch on Asiago Cheese Bread, grilled. Get the sandwich with combo #3 which includes kettle chips, soda and a fruit tart. It will change your life.

Orem: 1990 North State St.
Provo: 295 West 1230 North
Ft Union: 742 E Ft. Union Blvd.
South Jordan: 962 West South Jordan Pkwy
Riverton: 5083 W 13400 South


Thursday, July 10

Thanks for sharing Hallie.

I am staying in Sundance for a family reunion right now.

I wasn't planning to take a shower before bed at 1:00am. But then I saw the shower. It had a pebble floor and rock walls. I love nature. And it had a rain shower head on the ceiling and 5 shower heads on the wall, a steamer, and my favorite shampoo inside. I couldn't resist.

I will be breaking into this cabin for the rest of my life to shower. I refuse to shower anywhere else.

And the faucets are waterfall faucets!

Saturday, July 5

independence day


my nephews thought the colonial guy was a pirateMy brother daron (on the left) poured water into everyone's lap so we looked like we wet our pants. Khyl (right) distracted him as I poured my whole water bottle down his pants.

Ethan set up an obstacle course in the field by our house.
serpenting through the obstacles
exploding through the stacked boxes for the finish
Then we danced the night away at the cul-de-sac of fire!

This fourth of July will go down in history as the BEST ever. seriously.

Wednesday, July 2


loved loved loved it!
I want to BE wall-e. I can totally relate. And I want his house.
GO SEE IT! Even if you are 2 years old or 97 years old.

Monday, June 30

What did you do for the weekend Hallie?

Friday: my idiot date cancelled on me but hey I am kind of glad that I got to just chillax at the parentals instead
Saturday: woke up. watched tennis. played softball. put together a 100 ft slip-n-slide and slipped down for 2 hours. went to the Ingrid Michaelson concert in SLC. went swimming in a saline pool outside. went to the grocery store at 1:30 am.
Sunday: church stuff from 7:30 am until 2:30 pm. nap from 2:30 until 6:30. dinner with family. ward prayer. dove deep with a close friend. bed.

I am so sore. I feel like someone beat the living you know what out of me. Seriously I am worse than a prego lady on bedrest. Just come over and give me a massage.

Tuesday, June 24

If you want to see my face

in a 95 different pictures, click here
Thanks Krystal, you are an amazing photographer!
(She will do a 1-hour session with you for $800) jk just ask her

Sunday, June 22

"Consequences, even painful ones, protect us. So simple a thing as a child’s cry of pain when his finger touches fire can teach us that. Except for the pain, the child might be consumed."
Boyd K. Packer, March 2008 Ensign

Friday, June 20

miss you manda

Amanda: I am going to miss you! You're my favorite ward friend. You always write me an anonymous nice note, weekly, and I know it's you because of your handwriting. You never have anything negative to say and you put a smile on everyone's face. We have so much in common, including brusing our teeth!

My favorite g-chat with you:
Amanda: PAPER/ROCK/SCISSORS!!!!!!!!!
me: YEAH!!!!!! lets play online
Amanda: okay good idea
me: k on three.... rock!
Amanda: scissors!
me: crap
Amanda: shoot!
me: k one more time
Amanda: i didn't count very well okay
me: close your eyes
Amanda: ONE
me: TWO
Amanda: THREE! rock
me: paper!
Amanda: BWAAAA shoooooooooooot
me: hahaha I WIENNN!