Tuesday, December 30

We'll miss you, barbie heads

Gina and I spent our last night in Arizona with our best friends, stacy barbie head and barbie barbie head.
It all started when I was first introduced with Stacy barbie head. I was putting clothes in the washer. In my peripheral vision I saw someone standing next to me. I looked over. Stacy barbie head's face was 3 inches from mine. I screamed bloody murder, I was so startled. Gina was holding her. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of a ruthless barbie head war.

I was on my computer sitting on a chair next to my couch bed. My dad needed to use the computer so he sat on my couch bed. He sat on something hard and pulled it out from beneath my pillow. It was Stacy Barbie Head. Whew. Thanks dad. That stinker Gina was going to get it.

She caught me in her room trying to hide stacy barbie head. Failed attempt.

Several minutes passed and I heard that Gina was in the shower. I slowly turned the knob to the unlocked door. Stupid girl forgot to lock it. I quietly entered and held stacy barbie head just below the shower head as I stood on the other side of the shower curtain. It took a few seconds, Gina must have been closing her eyes. Then she SCREAMED and it was so satisfying. Strike one.

Barbie Barbie head said she felt left out. So I fastened my bra to the door of the bathroom and hung barbie's head on one of the straps. When Gina opened the bathroom door, barbie's head swung around. But Gina was scared out of scares. Dang it.

Luckily stacy had little suckers on the bottom of her stand. So I licked them and put her on the inside of Gina's bedroom door. Kekehehehehe

when I had gone to bed and all the lights in the house were out, I heard gina creep up to my bedroom door. Then I got a text from her with this picture and a recording of Gina's voice saying "sleep well, Hallie, sweet dreams" in a creepy whisper. so we tied, fair and square.

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