Thursday, October 1

Happy October

I love this vid. (Click on "this vid" mom) I spent way to much time with Paint drawing pictures and writing in a poem for my class last year. Then my brother Ethan did an amazing voice for it and was hilarious. He sounds like 80 years old but he's not 80.

Please view to make the most of your October. Or die. You choose.


Speaking to my observer from BYU at school:

Me: Where am I assigned to teach next? (In two weeks I'll switch schools for the remainder of the year.)
Observer: Grovecrest. (In Pleasant Grove) We try to have one diverse school and one nondiverse school in your student teaching experience.
Me: Which of those schools is diverse?
Obs: The one you are at.
(In my head I am thinking of the two brilliant bilingual rich kids that they passed as "diverse.")
Me: If I want to be at another school, would that opinion count for anything?
Obs: I'm not sure, but I can ask! Where do you want to be instead?
Me: Westmore. My sister teaches there.
Obs: Well I can't guarantee anything but I'll see what they say.


THEY ARE LETTING ME GO TO WESTMORE!! I'll be teaching at the same school as my sister for 7 weeks! And it is the lowest funded school in the county! And there are as many white kids in that school as there are snowflakes in the summer. So diverse experience I will have! Yay. Love em. Love it. mmmmhm!

Tuesday, September 29

My dad feeds my dog 2 week old chocolate chip cookies from the grocery store for treats. They never got eaten because he's been hiding them by his bed.

Hiking Rock Canyon.

Passing a man that is taking it real slow...He's on his way out.
He starts talking but since my music is on in my ear canal I can't hear him
So I take the earplugphones out. Only to find it wasn't worth it:
"You're one of those tough girls."
I just like to hike. I don't like the gym. Gyms are for people that never get bored. And like the smell of rubber.
And you could probably beat me up.