Thursday, October 1


Speaking to my observer from BYU at school:

Me: Where am I assigned to teach next? (In two weeks I'll switch schools for the remainder of the year.)
Observer: Grovecrest. (In Pleasant Grove) We try to have one diverse school and one nondiverse school in your student teaching experience.
Me: Which of those schools is diverse?
Obs: The one you are at.
(In my head I am thinking of the two brilliant bilingual rich kids that they passed as "diverse.")
Me: If I want to be at another school, would that opinion count for anything?
Obs: I'm not sure, but I can ask! Where do you want to be instead?
Me: Westmore. My sister teaches there.
Obs: Well I can't guarantee anything but I'll see what they say.


THEY ARE LETTING ME GO TO WESTMORE!! I'll be teaching at the same school as my sister for 7 weeks! And it is the lowest funded school in the county! And there are as many white kids in that school as there are snowflakes in the summer. So diverse experience I will have! Yay. Love em. Love it. mmmmhm!


Alyson Cowley said...

I love that they thought your current school was diverse. Congrats on the fun change of teaching locale!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! You are so cool. I wish I could talk to my facilitator like that ;)