Thursday, December 3

Tissue alert, nerd alert

Okay I realize that the only two things I post about are a. my dad or b. schoolish/kids stuff.

But those are the only interesting parts of my life so once I get more interesting things I'll talk about those things too. mmk?

a few years ago, as far as I can remember, there hasn't been a roll of toilet paper in our house. No toilet paper, just the empty metal roller.
A friend that has never been to my house before calls behind the closed bathroom door: "I'm out of toilet paper in here!"
Me: "Just use the kleenex!"
My dad prefers kleenex.
It's cheaper.
It's harder to not go crazy; you'll never use an excess amount of kleenex.
the sound of the swish when the kleenex comes out needs to happen more often.
And I don't know what else.

When we go on vacation, you will find a box of kleenex in his suitcase to use instead of toilet paper in the hotel bathroom. Where there is already toilet paper. so it's beyond the price, surely.
here's the best part: I received the following email today, sent to my family:

subject: Tissue alert!


Van Shumway Jr

1:52 PM (3 hours ago)

If you call Craig at Day's Market (375-7960) by 2 pm Saturday, you can order a case of tissues (same as those at our house--160 count per box) for only $1.05 per box. That means your cost per tissue is only 2/3 of a penny. Minimum order is a case of 36 = $37.80 + tax, payable when product arrives in a week or two.



replied, 4:20 PM (33 minutes ago)

Nerd alert!

Tuesday, December 1


My last day was yesterday. ;(
My second graders made me a book that I will treasure for years to come.
Here are a couple excerpts.

This one is from Jacob:

"You were very good at teaching. when ye you read you did it so good. I felt like I was in the story. you are sooo cool.

here is the back of his letter:
it says "santa" with an arrow and "the bowl of jelly" pointing to his abdomen. sooo good.

One student wrote using only question marks. Like what he said is even a question. jk lol giggle giggle

They gave me hugs and/or fives on the way out.

No update on the job...they are looking at applications right now then interviews later...I just made that up. but I know they were looking at applications yesterday.

But do you realize what position I am in?
I will graduate. on the 18th. no matter what. There is nothing I could or couldn't do to prevent it. besides dying. which is something I've considered. that's a lie.

So I am sitting around today. And if I want I can just sit around the rest of my life! Cool. Great thing to think about. Nah I'll get a job (using my degree) and pay off all my debt. Then I'll spend whatever extra money I make on travel. Then when I decide to actually save money, I will. That's my plan.