Tuesday, December 1


My last day was yesterday. ;(
My second graders made me a book that I will treasure for years to come.
Here are a couple excerpts.

This one is from Jacob:

"You were very good at teaching. when ye you read you did it so good. I felt like I was in the story. you are sooo cool.

here is the back of his letter:
it says "santa" with an arrow and "the bowl of jelly" pointing to his abdomen. sooo good.

One student wrote using only question marks. Like what he said is even a question. jk lol giggle giggle

They gave me hugs and/or fives on the way out.

No update on the job...they are looking at applications right now then interviews later...I just made that up. but I know they were looking at applications yesterday.

But do you realize what position I am in?
I will graduate. on the 18th. no matter what. There is nothing I could or couldn't do to prevent it. besides dying. which is something I've considered. that's a lie.

So I am sitting around today. And if I want I can just sit around the rest of my life! Cool. Great thing to think about. Nah I'll get a job (using my degree) and pay off all my debt. Then I'll spend whatever extra money I make on travel. Then when I decide to actually save money, I will. That's my plan.

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Marcilyn said...

it sounds like he wasn't sure if you were a good teacher?