Wednesday, November 25

cookies left on my doorstep

There was a plate of cookies with a note in my bathroom when I woke up. My dad typed up a label, pasted it to a post-it note, then put the post-it note on the note. It says "Left on doorstep last night. Has male-idiot written all over it." My dad rocks. I found more pleasure in his note than the cookies and the anonymous one-page sweet note. And I knew right off it was not from a male-idiot, i'd recognize that calligraphy handwriting anywhere. my friend roxanne. which makes this even better. because my dad totally dissed my friend.

Love you roxanne, thanks for the anonymous note and cookies.
Love you dad, thanks for looking out for me. For taking the time to type up a label to remind me that I deserve more than male-idiots in my life.


Whitney said...

Hal-Shum. It's been too long. However, I just wanted to say that a) you do deserve more than male-idiots and b) thank you for reminding me that we all do. :)

Elizabeth said...

I knew I loved Hallie, and now I love her blog.