Thursday, October 18

California; Corona Del Mar

I went with 3 elementary school teachers, so because they are so blasted busy they won't give me pictures from the trip so I guess you will just have to picture everything in your brain instead of having me make it easy for you.

Alright, I am no longer angry! Let's talk about my TRIP!

A week ago today at this very hour I was in the beautiful state of California. We stayed in a house just 3 blocks off the beach. Here is a picture of the beach.

It was at this very beach in the cave at the very bottom of this picture where I found a HUMONGOUS crab! and at the very end of the beach at the top left hand corner I found ANOTHER CRAB! I just started digging in the sand because I saw a lil divet. I hit something hard so I dug around the hard surface, expecting a clam. but it MOVED. And it stood up and started walking sideways with it's lil snapper trying to duel me. hehe I really loved that crab I have a picture of me and him but THE OWNER OF THAT PICTURE IS ANNOYING. so maybe I will get it and when I do I will put it up here.

I started digging a large hole right at the edge of where the tide ended and put my feet in it and waves crashed on me as I stood there in that large hole and soon I was buried in the sand. it felt so good against my feet. and my sister almost pushed me over which would have broken my legs in half.

That night the father of the girl I went with took us out to the CRAB COOKER.

The Crab Cooker is MY FAVORITE RESTAURANT. There is CRAB there to eat. so good. and her daddy paid for all of us! I had the KING CRAB KILLER CLAWS!!! so rich and succulent.

Then we drove around for an hour because we got lost. and that is okay!
Then we found what we were looking for: fashion island. This place is posh. We went to juicy couture where a t-shirt was $150. I didn't buy it though. and anthropology was so beautiful.


We arrived at the park at the time it opened: 8 am and left at the time it closed: midnight. 16 hours PACKED with so much fun. My favorite ride was SPACE MOUNTAIN!! I laughed hysterically the entire ride! It is inside and really dark with stars and planets all around you! You have no idea where you are going and I love that feeling!

We also went to California Adventure where my 2nd and 3rd and 4th favorite rides are:
2. Soarin over California - you are sitting in mid air in the middle of a half a globe screen so it feels like you are flying. they show great sites of California and they spray scents to go along with it. like flying over the citrus trees smells sooo good like oranges.
3. California Screamin: a wicked crazy fast outside rollercoaster
4. Tower of Terror: just like it sounds

I also took the Disney character test--which compares you to every character disney has ever had--and I am DOT from "A Bug's Life" hehe cute huh? I am so cute. jk

We placed a reservation for the Pirates of the Caribbean Restaurant "Blue Bayou" a couple months ago, so we got to eat there. SOOO romantic...if only I had a man there. and 40 dolla dolla a plate too! yeah I had crab again. You can never have too much crab!

I really love Disneyland. I didn't want to leave.

On our way out, it was raining and the sidewalks were slick, so I started trying to slide on them. My soles were too rugged so every time I would try to slide I would trip and in my naturally ungraceful way would stumble back to a proper stance. Well unbeknown to me, a couple was watching me and remarked "She's DRUNK!"
With all the strength I had left I replied "I'M SOBER!!!"

And that was Disneyland.

Wednesday, October 17

Monday, October 15


Gina and me and two of her friends went to California last week.

We got there Thursday at 1:00 and went to the BEACH. I saw a divet in the snow, so I started digging and thought i hit a seashell. So I dug some more and it MOVED! It was a CRAB! So beautiful.