Friday, April 12

The drive to school

There are two things I specifically anticipate each morning I make the 30 minute drive to Payson (sometimes as little as 24 minutes.)

1. In my neighborhood there is a fluffy cat.  This cat is usually attached to a leash which is attached to the hand of its owner.  For some reason it is so fascinating to me.  A cat?  Submitting to a master?  Preposterous.  Just on a morning walk, strolling beside their owner.  Like it ain't no thang. I first caught sight of this on Monday, then again today.  I hope it's a regular occurance.  The next thing is just the opposite.

2. My school's name is Park View.  If you haven't already guessed, it is located by a - here's a little more time to guess - a - PARK!  The girl I carpool with and I were driving the usual routine, mundane drive, enduring that last block till we arrived.  Looking unassumingly at the park, my eyes widened.  Near the sidewalk was a man in athletic clothing (dark blue fubu sweater and black sweat pants) doing something I had never before seen or even imagined.  He was performing a combination of stretching and cardio.  His arms jutted up, then elbows thrust downward, circled back up, then straight down.  This pattern was repeated for the duration of driving the length of the park.
The next time we saw him, he was doing a motion like a fighter jet pilot would do.  Or a very active, jerky bird.  Arms were brought forward, elbows thrown straight back like wings, then from there forearms circled upward, hands clapped together above the head, and back to front position.  Repeated over and over, no smoothness, just quick, jerking, thrusting motions.
We have only witnessed this magical strangeness a handful of times.

This morning I was having a hard time, last night was difficult and I just want to be with my new nephew and his brothers that my parents are babysitting.  Well a miracle happened, a tender mercy sent straight from heaven for me to begin and end my journey to school.  I saw both the cat and the man in the blue fubu pullover.  I smiled and realized: today is going to be a good day.  Any day that begins with two odd yet remarkable things will certainly be an amazing one.

If I wasn't running late, I would have taking video and/or captured a pic.  I'll try to next time and post!

Wednesday, April 10

Songs that I'm into

Hey.  Click on these tunes.  The Empire of the Sun, Rihanna, and Passion Pit are more recent fads, not sure if they'll stick around like all the others; those have yet to be overplayed according to my ears.  Sorry about the last two...if you don't like them don't be mad.