Thursday, November 6

write something!


So I taught for the first time this week. Nerve racking. Kids are great though. All my classes are postponed until December while I am at the elementary school. And guess what? I am 10 times happier because I am teaching actual kids. I'm not in class, stressing about fake things. I am doing what I want to do so I have a better perspective about life.

I sold my contract for winter semester because I am going to New Zealand on January 5th 2009.
I am down with some annoying sickness.
I cut my hair off. It's like above my shoulders a-line type thing. I like it.
My elementary school has a display of fake guns that look real in the library.
It also has stuffed deer heads and other wild mammals that are stuffed.
I am watching Peter Pan at my brother's house while babysitting because they are going to find out if Shell's baby is a boy or girl. I say boy? hm. They told me I would be the first to find out. other than the doctor and them.
I can't breathe out of my right nostril.

just found out...a third girl!


Krystal said...

Love the randomness...

Holley said...

so... you are not going to post actually pictures of halloween? come on....