Saturday, October 25


I saw this last night for Gina's birthday. It was AMAZING. It was a dance production by Odyssey Dance Theatre for Halloween! They of course did Thriller which was even better than the music video, no offense Michael. then they had a mummy dance that was CRAZY and one of my favorites was the Frankenstein dance where it was Frankenstein and his wife or whatever her name is and she died in the middle of it and her body was completely limp as he kept trying to dance with her. It was amazing how she was able to be so limp! Like for reals maybe she was dead!
Then they had a skeleton dance where all the lights were off and it looked like real skeletons dancing because they had glow-in-the dark skeletons on.
And Sugarplum's finale was really awesome as well. This beautiful ballerina was decked out in a beautiful tutu and was dancing to the Sugarplum's fairy song like on nutcracker and then this guy in a white mask (as picture below) came onto the stage and BANG! he shot her. I know.

Then my second favorite was called "River of Blood Dance" where a bunch of girls were riverdancing and one by one they each got shot and fell out of the line of dance. It sounds really violent and it was but it. was. hilarious.
Then of course they had to have a vampire dance touching on "twilight" where all they guys were dressed in hot black edward stuff and chased a girl around the stage and bit her and she turned into a vampire. Pretty good junk.

Before and after they had zombies lying around on the floor and the stairs and they would walk up to you and breathe loudly in your ear and freak you out. so scary. Oh I have pictures of me and gina next to them I'll put em up later.

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