Friday, August 22

my roommate for fall

She is bomb bomb baaaahhhhmmm!
is from San Jose
went to a community college there so she has never lived away from home [insert evil laugh]
major is Bio Chemistry
is into japanese and korean music
is teaching herself japanese
doesn't have any extenuating pet peeves
likes to have the window open
Her mom cleaned our bathroom cleaner than it was when it was new
plays the piano and violin
is a light sleeper
prefers to shower in the morning (and I shower at night!)
doesn't press the snooze
has kissed one boy
owns a pair of black suede knee-high boots
has an electric toothbrush
is happy
The last time she cried was at a testimony meeting a week ago.
is emotionally stable
is easy going and totally chill
goes with the flow
lets me be myself without a trace of judgement
I already love her.

oh and her name is jennifer. and she said I can call her whatever I want.


Katherine said...

hahaha! I'm excited to meet her.

Marcilyn said...

i don't mean to be a downer but there are a couple of things on this list that worry me. ;)

Holley said...

i would call her linda.

Anonymous said...

YAY! Horray for good roomates!