Wednesday, April 3

White Chocolate

First off, I am NOT eating sugar.
Second off, I have no idea how this happened.
Thirdly, it's my spring break!  So I'm doing crafty projects.
But here's the story.

My mom and I went to Aunt Renae's for a day of quilting.  It started out smoothly (literally a lot of smoothing the quilt.) On the kitchen counter was a small bowl of dove white chocolate eggs.  Without asking, I carefully unwrapped the thin foil surrounding the never-before tasted delicacy and popped one after another in my mouth.
We finished pinning the quilt and got it on the big fat quilting machine.  This took a while and I was getting antsy and hungry for lunch.
We finally got started on the final part- the quilting!

This is a quilt that I pieced together.  Each square was made by a cousin or aunt of mine. (We each made a million of the same square, then exchanged squares!  Like a pot-luck quilt I guess.  I am sure there is a more accurate, nerdy quilt name for it.)

At this moment the electricity for the whole neighborhood went out.  My mom and I grabbed some sandwiches at Firehouse Subs and brought them back to Renae's, agreeing that if the power wasn't back on after we ate that we'd head back home to Provo.
Well the main road was blocked off by a fire truck and police.  Something huge happened.  Like nothing less than a nuclear explosion of some kind is what I figure happened.  Because the power didn't come back on till 4 hours after we left.
On my way out I made sure Aunt Renae wasn't looking and I snatched a couple more of those delicious dove white chocolate eggs, along with a couple of those cone-shaped chocolate eggs with the thick candy shell...what do they call those?  Very rich, but I'll take em.  I can't remember where I put them, I just remember sneakily taking them.
Mom made me drive home and even with sun glasses on, I could only drive with one eye half-open, the other shut.  I was really tired (even after a 10 hour night's sleep and a quick morning jog...maybe it was the JOG!)  So naturally, the first thing I did when I arrived home was turn on my electric blanket and take a nap. I set my alarm to awake 3 hours later to play tennis with my BFF Coryse.  When I awoke I was a little damp from the electric blanket - I usually just heat it up and turn it off as I sleep since I've heard I'll get cancer from using it.  It turns out the chocolates were napping with me - right smack in the middle of ma bed.  Needless to say they were melted to my middle and my sheets.  Good white chocolate gone to waste.
Will someone please tell me how in the h-e-double those chocolates got from Aunt Renae's counter to my bed?  I am stumped.

I can fit 8 tennis balls in my bra when I play tennis.  They don't fall out, I even tripped and fell once but everyone stayed secure!  

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