Thursday, May 6

Bye Katherine

This post is a kind of thick so don't read it if you feel awkward pretty easily.

Having your best friend move away is like getting a limb torn off.
I would know.

It's kind of annoying because last year I came back from New Zealand and she had her own group of friends so I found my own friends. But that didn't last very long, our separate lifestyles. Because we are just better when we have the other as part of our lives. So we see each other every day. Except not today. because she moved to San Diego today.

Now we are both left to make do with the other friends we have. Not that they aren't amazing and make us better, but that we will miss that reinforcing response when we do something crazy. We will feel silence in the moments where we are usually reassured.

The future is unknown; no fall semester to surely be back for. Only the hope that we will be lifetime friends, be it long or short distance. (we are both THE WORST at keeping in touch with old friends, so this may require a miracle.) And the hope of fulfilling the joking prediction to live as old ladies together with lots of cats; after our husbands have passed and our children have gone away.


Veronica said...


Miss Madeline Reber said...

Isn't growing up and moving on a pain?! Literally! This transition into completely unknown...yeah...definitely not the funnest. :(

Katherine said...

Girl, you're the best.

"limb torn off.
I would know."... so poetic :).

I'm gonna be good at keeping in touch, I promise!

Also, I am going to start our cat collection, just to get used to the lifestyle.

Daron said...

Awkward post...JK. I read the warning that I shouldn't read...I was going to go on and on but I'm just going to stop now.