Monday, May 10

Hold on for one more day

This song is my favorite right now and I listen to it on repeat because it totally encompasses everything I am feeling today!
Because one more day, and I'll know.

here is a comment on the page of this video: "ive listened to this song 35 times in a row now. im hooked!! yes i am a man and NOT GAY!! HAHA this song has KEPT ME FROM KILLING MYSELF."

The power of this song can touch your life too.
Oh dang it!! It won't let me embed the original. So here's just the song while you look at random metal doors or windows or something:

It's crazy how many things hang on getting a job - this job.
  • paying off my debt
  • going to Belize this summer
  • the quality of my relationships

jk about the last one but seriously the first two are pretty big deals.