Thursday, May 13

I didn't get the job

but that doesn't mean anything. It just means I have endless possibilities and I'm not tied down to that one school anymore. I know there is a class out there that I am destined to teach! Can't wait till this is over. I am sooo done with my black pencil skirt, panty hose, and ironing shirts. Then getting all nervous for the interview. Then feeling really good about the interview. then waiting to hear back. That is almost worse than any other part. Finally hearing back and having them tell you everything you want to hear. But the fact that you didn't get the job. It'll be worth it when it finally works out though.

See, this is me and my future employer.


Elissa Stewart said...

Keep at it Hallie girl! Your future boss looks a little like Sean Connory. Weird.

Anonymous said...

good luck babe!!!