Saturday, October 30

Happy Halloween!

My school had Parent-teacher conferences and Friday off. So we all dressed up in our costumes on Wednesday.

I was the wicked witch of the west, AKA "Elphie" AKA I made my kids call me "Miss Wicked" and wouldn't respond to "teacher" or "Miss Shumway."

I acted in character all morning. I whacked each child with my broom, asking them what they were dressed as. I purposely locked the classroom door so that when kids left the classroom (for the restroom usually) they'd be locked out. So I would see them knock and try to get in through the small glass window on the door. And I would point to them and cackle my high witch cackle for a few seconds before I let them in. They loved that. I had a lot of kids wanted to go to the bathroom.

We moved our desks to the side and had a fashion show to techno music. and listened to the "Wicked" sound track all day.


Veronica said...

aw. you're such a fun teacher. halloween is super boring when there are no kids in your life.

Mallory said...

You'd be the best teacher ever. I bet the kids loved it. Wish I was in your class!

Alyson Samantha said...

I wish you had been MY elementary school teacher.

Katherine said...

Haha... you are amazing. Please teach my babies when they exist.