Sunday, September 5

drool, water, and Malawi

Everytime I hold a cup of water, I spill it.
Like at this delicious Malawi's pizza place last night
and at dinner tonight
and getting a drink generally. I just forget I'm holding it

And during sunday school because it was fast sunday, I was leaning on my hand thinking about food. And after a few minutes I was like "what the heck, why is my hand wet?"
I was drooling.

Let's see what else. Yeah you need to try out Malawi's. It's in the riverwoods mall. so good. For every meal you buy, they will send a healthy meal to the orphans in Malawi. So I deduct that from my tithing. jk.


Alyson Samantha said...

Is Malawi a real place? Where is it?

Ariel said...

Can I just say... you're the funniest/coolest/funnest/cutest girl ever! I'm obsessed with you!