Thursday, October 7


I guess I am not really into blogging these days. Now that I don't spend my day in front of a computer for a job, it's one of the last things on my to do list when I have down time.

Recent highlights in my life are as follows:
Highlight #1 was Sunday. my niece Lexi turned four. We were at a party at her house in-between sessions of conference. Let me back up. Lexi doesn't talk. I try to get her to talk but all I get is a cute smile and maybe an answer provided by her older sister. But when she does talk, it's like heaven. She has the cutest little voice that makes your heart fill up with rainbows and gum drops.
So I was upstairs and the party was on the main floor. Lexi and a couple other random kids were up there with us. And out of no where, Lexi gave me a tour of the entire upstairs! She showed me her room, her closet, and even her favorite shoes: "Dees aw my favwit shoos! I weuw dem aw de time." (These are my favorite shoes, I wear them all the time.) She just talked and talked. It was like it was my birthday. (Lexi's on the right)

Highlight #2 was my dad's bday party on Monday night. The entire fam was on the main floor, enjoying my dad's favorite: spice cake with melt-in-your-mouth brown sugah frosting. A faint beeping could be heard amongst the noise of the kids and conversation. Then a pause. It was the fire alarm downstairs! Ah!
We quickly evacuated the children to the back deck outside whilst my parents and siblings slowly opened the door to the basement. The stairwell was filled with thick, gray smoke which spread to the area around us. Oh so that is why the smoke alarm went off. Gasp. Seconds past and we saw a figure emerging. My brother, Ethan, saving a child. Or what was that in his arms?
A fog machine.
Laughs were had and reactions of my parents relived.

(Just for the record: I was skeptical from the moment I saw that smoke. It didn't smell smokey!)

And highlight #3 was today.
I decided to give my fifth graders 5 minutes of extra recess. A couple girls were attempting round-offs in the field and I had the sudden urge to join them (rare occurance. Believe it or not, I rarely loosen up. The stress of teaching has practically stripped me of my personality:)
So I take off my keys and microphone necklaces and run, showing off my best round-off. Before I knew it, the whole class was lined up, showing off their [safe] tricks. It was just fun to play and have fun without planning or assessing it :)

So there you have it, a lil update. Now I'm going to read some blogs I haven't read in a month! yay!


Veronica said...

i can totally picture you doing round-offs with your students. i really love thinking about it.

Elissa Stewart said...

A fog machine? How bodacious is that. I'm glad to see you're such a cool teacher.

Tawny Crane said...

Glad to hear from you in blogging land I've been lost w/o you :)

Alyson Samantha said...

I missed your blogging!!! And the smoke alarm story was funny. Very.

Alison Rae said...

bout time sista ! And please don't let the stress of teaching strip you of your personality any longer! I am sure those kids love it!

The Shumways said...


And I love this blog. I was telling Khyl how awesome your blog is, and he mentioned how he can see you writing for a magazine (his dream job). You are good at what you do my friend.

That part about Lexi made me so happy. Her voice makes me smile everyday. She tries to talk high pitched sometimes when she is trying to be nice, which makes it even cuter . . . And higher. Even though she is only 3, not
4 :). Thanks for making me smile.