Friday, October 9

I miss my daddy

The last day he was here, I got in the car to do something...probably learn how to put gas in the CNG car. (Or is it C & G? I don't know)
He had peanut butter in the middle console.

Pointing to it, I ask: "Just in case you get hungry?"
Dad: "No, I'm taking it by Lowe's or home depot."
He wouldn't explain himself, but he said it like it was so normal that it didn't register for a couple miles...
Me: "Why are you taking it to lowe's?"
Dad: "To see if they'll mix it up for me, have you ever seen them mix up the paint buckets?"
Me: "yes..."
Dad: "Yeah I am just sick of having to mix it with the egg beaters because it still separates, so I'm going to have em put it in the paint mixer and see if it'll stay mixed"

Oh man. I hope I get awesome like that when I'm old.


Krystal said...

I love your dad stories. They are priceless, keep 'em coming!

Holley said...


Alyson Cowley said...

I am in the library and can't stop laughing at this one. Seriously, though, did it work for him?

Courtney said...

I probably have the coolest uncle in the world