Wednesday, October 14

Bye 4th grade :(

I am exactly half way DONE!
I'd like to electronically say goodbye to Lindon Elementary. I will really miss those kids. How they tease me when I call the scissors "knives" and other accidental happenings that I can't think of right now.

Oh man those kids! Like the little skater boy who would always talk to me when he wasn't supposed to: "Miss Shumway, look at my emo eraser" "Miss Shumway, do you like my new shoes?" "Miss Shumway, smell this pencil." haha and another boy who was in love with me. And one boy that I avoided calling on because his comments always involved violence in the most awesome form. They all remind me of myself when I was their age.

I have three days off, the weekend, then I'll start 2nd grade at my sister's school! that. will. be. INCREDIBLE. What a ride I'm loving this.

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