Monday, October 18

Red Ribbon Week

So of course my students are writing in their journals and talking about drugs.

One of my favorite students comes up to me and shows me a picture she is drawing. It has a cigarette, beer bottle, and tobacco with a circle-slash over them.

Student: What are some other drugs that we don't know about that I could draw?

I didn't know how to respond.

Student: I just need one more to make it look good.

So after a bunch of illegal drugs flashed through my mind, like a syringe, a pill bottle, and a gasoline tank, I decided that a wine glass would be good.

Me: just draw a wine glass.

This moment totally cracked me up and made my day


Katherine said...

Wow! Aren't these kids like 2?!

Courtney said...

um... gasoline tank? I don't think even I know about that one.

john and bre said...

way to play it safe!