Saturday, August 14


I decided to go to Subway for lunch today.
I hate Subway.
But I had it last month with my cousins and it was yum. I got the Spicy Italian or something. Well on top of the fact that I don't really like sandwiches unless I'm starving or if they are made by me, I decided to see if it's something I'd learn to love.

I get up to the counter and realize I've committed to something that demands that I make a million decisions. The sandwich maker has 7 different meats, 10 choices of bread, 50 different vegetables, and 23.5 sauces to ask me about. And I hate being put on the spot. And I hate making decisions that involve committing. I was going to eat that sandwich and if I decided to put something gross then it would ruin my experience.

Whenever I eat out I usually ask the people that work there what their fav is. Always. Because I can't ever decide and I like them to just tell me what's good.
Well she named off 10 of her favorites. Oh wow. This was going to be epic.
I decided to get the 6 inch club. More meat, right? Because subway sandwiches always have one paper thin layer of meat and 2 stories of vegetables and crap.
Then she asks me what bread. I liked the two with cheese.
"What's the best of these two?"
Um...the italian.
"Ok I'll have the italian"
"the regular or the spiced one?"
She was picking up the spiced one.
"The regular"
she moved her hand to the white bread
"No, the spiced."
"Do you want this toasted?"
"yes." right after I said it, I knew it was a mistake. It's a hot day! Gross.
She turned around to start the toaster
"No, wait, not toasted. Sorry"
The cheese and vegetable part was easy but my jaw dropped when she loaded a truck full of onion and olives on there.
"Anything else?"
"Yeah...cookies. And a drink. So, yeah, the add a meal thing."
"You can have two cookies. Do you want them to be both chocolate chip?"
" One double chocolate."
"Do you have a subway card?"
"Well I'd offer you one but we're out."
phew. I probably would've gotten one because I was done deciding.
"Thanks for bearing with me"
"We've seen a lot worse, you're just fine"
I guess it could be worse.

After taking a couple bites, I felt the olives and onions were overpowering. Took them off. Got through half the sandwich (3 inches) and I had pulled everything off but the meat and cheese. Still couldn't eat the rest.

The cookies were so yum. Specially the chocolate chip. Should've gotten two of those.


Veronica said...

i know how you feel. this very dilemma is why i've gotten the exact same sandwich there for the last six years.

Anonymous said...


Laura Beth said...

Oh, Hallie! I just found your blog and I love it! Well, and I think you are wonderful too!

Anonymous said...

Judge not a book by its cover.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Anonymous said...

Only Subway is this interesting when going with you. Love you tons!