Wednesday, August 18

A good mistake

So I drove to Salt Lake for my friend's reception.
And it was yesterday.

So I went shopping at the Gateway instead!

I haven't been shopping in seriously probably over a year. Because I wouldn't allow it, what with the big debt-hole in my pocket. But I am pretty sure I will be getting paid to teach 5th grade so I allotted myself a couple outfits! I am SOOOO excited because I got cute stuff. From my favorite store. Anthropologie. And don't let your jaw drop at that name, the stuff I bought was on sale. :)

And that, my friends, is why my trip to SL was a good mistake.


Anonymous said...

Haha, that's awesome! Good times! And you have to have nice clothes to teach in, so you can ALWAYS justify clothes! :)

Katherine said...

I LOVE that you did that!

Alyson Samantha said...

Nice! New clothes always are happy. My favorite store is currently The Limited, and they don't even have one in the state of Utah. Lame.

Liz Thomas said...

Sorry we missed you that night! You're awesome Hallie.

-Dave and Liz