Tuesday, July 20

throughout my life

I have associated songs with one another if they have the same words. When I was in elementary school the two songs that were most popular to roller skate to at Classic Skating were "Don't Turn Around," by Ace of Base and "total eclipse of the heart," by Bonnie Tyler "TURN AROOOUUUND..." Those songs were ironic, I thought to myself: "what does it take for someone to love you? Turn around or don't?"

Ever since I have naturally paired up songs that say similar things. like "Tick Tock," by ke$ha and "4 minutes," by JT & Madonna "we only got 4 minutes (wicky wick) 4 minutes tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock" By the way Tick Tock has been stuck in my head for months. Booooo.

Then there's these crazy people that show their love by walking 1,000 miles:
"I'm gonna be," by proclaimers (I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more) = 1000 miles and "1,000 miles," by Vanessa Carlton.

Wow, people that write songs. Please google your lyrics so they don't say the same thing as a song that is probably cooler! I'll catch on.

Justin Bieber, I'll let your hit "Find me Somebody to Love" slide. (like Queen's but NOT!) I enjoy that song a hecka lot, JB. so you're ok. Sorry I'm too old for you, maybe if age doesn't count in the hereafter we can work something out.

Anyone found this connection as well? What other songs are the same to you?


Mallory said...

Try songs that talk about "spreading wings to fly," I guess it's a good analogy but come on people, come up with some other metaphor!

Veronica said...

i can't think of any off the top of my head, but this does make me think of the time my friend's grandma's player piano played "total eclipse of the heart." something everyone should hear in their life.

Anonymous said...