Thursday, April 15

You get away with so much more as an adult

than as a kid.

For example, I was browsing the books at the book fair with a 5th grade class when the most obnoxious and troubled 5th grader began to copycat me. He holds a dear place in my heart because back in the day, I was the most obnoxious and troubled 5th grader. So I let him copycat me. And I hate when people copycat me, I get very impatient and I explode. (Ask Katherine about the first time she echoed everything I said) Knowing where he was coming from and that this was the response he was seeking, I acted the opposite. He followed me around, touching everything I did, responding to the other students as I would. Then I began messing with my hair, slapping my face, and doing things that would make him stop. He finally decided it wasn't worth it and walked away. A few minutes later, I found myself by the fun toys and pens with a variety of squishy, slinky, and feathery tops. I started to play with them and in no time the o & t 5th grader was mimicking me again. I stopped and started to walk away when a lady working at the bookstore got mad at the boy.

Compare, side by side, the same person. One is an adult, and one is 12. The adult will get away with anything short of murder. The 12 year old will not get away with anything other than cookie-cutter, calm, collected behavior.

(OK I know I am totally exaggerating here, but you get my point)

I am so glad I'm an adult. Those younger years were a hard time for me. And maybe it is just being a student that requires quiet behavior? Yeah I am glad I'm the teacher now, seeing it from their point of view. fun.

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