Friday, March 23

It broke an' I fixed it

I thought I was so cool, playing basketball with 9 fifth grade boys.

I was rebounding a shot and I heard a POP! It was ma left mid finga.  Ow.  I broke it.

I got one of my student's popsicle sticks and taped it with ma ring finga.  Hope it doesn't get all ugly and crooked like my lovely gramma's fingas.

I look just as hot as they do still, right?


Miss Gina said...

i'm laughing so hard right now. LOL right? Right out loud is how loud I'm laughing. Did you dam jam it?

Courtney said...

I'm so sorry! Good thing your students eat lots of popsickles and save their sticks! Kinda gross, but good that you can use it to save your fingah!