Monday, December 17

Teacher, do you love me?

Driving to school today, I saw a large flag off the freeway at half staff because of the tragedy in Connecticut.

Yesterday in Relief Society, the teacher played this beautiful primary song. (click here to listen) Tears immediately began flowing within the first line of the song.  There was so much in my heart at that moment.  Realizing how difficult some of my kids are, they still need to know I care.  They have the need to be reassured and loved despite how hard they make it for me to do so.  I hope they feel that.  The loved part, not how difficult it is.

Children are so precious.  I feel the weight of my responsibility to not only teach but to show I care and accept them.  This song encompasses every emotion I feel right now.  I listened to this song on the way to work today, and I think I want to make it a daily thing.

Just listen to the song.  You'll know what I mean.


Alyson Lawrence said...

I can't imagine how the shooting has affected you as an elem. school teacher. I like your re-commitment to letting your students know they are loved. You are amazing!

Veronica said...

You're a good teacher, Hallie.