Friday, August 31

Double Copper

Guess how many times I've been pulled over before this month?


Guess how many times I've been pulled over this month alone?


The second Sunday of August was a relaxing day.  After a stake meeting, passing notes with a babe of a dude, I decided to make oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies (DONT add flour like the comments suggest on this recipe) The guy I passed notes with had my iPod Touch and demanded cookies in exchange for it.

Naturally, I made double cookies and delivered to people that helped me move.  By the time I started back home, it was dark.  I turned a corner to go up a swirly hill with rumbly tumbly lines on the road.  I looked in my rear-view mirror and noticed someone was tailing me!  I didn't think I cut anyone off, but I guess I did.  And they seemed ticked (even though I couldn't see anything.)  So I sped up to get away and disregarded the rumblies and lines on the road and drove as straight as possible.

When I turned again, BAM!  The person behind me put on their lights.  They were a COP!  All along!

I was shocked.  So shocked that I didn't move, just in case he thought I was getting a gun.  (I have my concealed weapons permit but no weapon.)  I rolled down my window and began to explain how sorry I was and that I thought he was tailing me.  He asked for my license and registration, the latter I couldn't find because of all the papers in my glove box.  He asked where I was coming from and I said to take cookies to a friend, then offered one to him...ha.

He asked if I was drunk.
 I said he could do a drinking test but I assured him I was not drunk.  (He flashed my pupils with his flashlight)

He was off to his car to "look me up"

When he came back he informed me that it was my lucky day and he was letting me off.  Then he began his lecture of how he should have towed me for wreckless driving and drunk driving.  Heaven forbid a cop let me off NICELY.  But Phew, right?  Phew.

I wonder what they see when they look people up?  Do they see I am a teacher?  I know they see the accident/violation history...But I hope they see I am contributing to the community in some way.

Welp, it doesn't end there.  Yesterday I got pulled over by a hiding motorcycle cop!  He just popped outta no where!  I was going 14 over because people were waiting for a car to turn left going the other direction so I wanted to get out of their way.  The stupid thing was my natural instinct to turn off my car and UNbuckle my seatbelt while the cop was approaching!  When he pointed out that he heard a click as he was walking up, I told him I was an idiot and unbuckled after he pulled me over.  "You're not an idiot, but that's not the smartest thing to do."  He said.  DOIEE!

He let the seatbelt part go, but put me down for going 5 over, how kind.

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Alyson Samantha said...

Sounds like me in April of this year! Only I didn't get off so easy :( and what a joke that the cop was telling you he should have you towed!!! Provo cops are SO stupid.