Friday, April 18

Phone books and chicken feet

There are some guys in my ward that prank my apartment. Which is fun, I guess. A month ago they strung chicken feet (real) across our front door with a note that said "You guys are a foot about the rest, we love you down the feathers!"
When I drove up from my trip yesterday I caught them in the act: they were piling phone books on my porch, piling them taller than humans. haha so I flipped a U to yell at them and I almost hit a cyclist. So sorry to the cyclist I almost hit on 700 north yesterday at about 8 pm.
I asked the phone book pranksters to help me bring in my luggage, and they did! I guess we're even now.

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Marcie said...

haha that is so funny! I love pranks hehehe. Thanks for your comment on my blog- I miss you too:( We need to party this summer. I'm so bummed that you guys aren't in my cohort- why must they split us up??!! ARRR!! oh well- have a great week and let's party SOON!