Wednesday, April 23


Thank you, Thank you.

I would like to thank Dr. Jaccard for letting me take my final late because I slept through it...on purpose...

I would also like to thank all my teachers of Winter 2008 collectively for causing this absurd heavenly fact: I never stepped foot in the testing center. No, not once. Not even twice. Actually, to be honest, not at all.

(Alright, you got me, I did step foot in there once to pass out cookies to the people coming out of the testing center)

Speaking of which, read this letter to the editor of the daily universe. Oh so rich. Scroll down to the last one: "Thanks for Treats"

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Khyl and Michelle and Tay said...

this is khyl. i read the letter to the editor about the treats. i can't believe everyone just trusts that those treats aren't laced with hallucinogenic ingredients? Next time you do that, let me know so we can get together and add the type of 'creativity' I think this guy is REALLY suggesting. 'Special' brownies, anyone? We should at LEAST hook these people up with some addi...

Anyway, I'm stoked for you to work at MOA. Ericka said she really likes you - almost as much as she likes me.