Friday, November 2

milk face stinky cheese smelly sausage katherine

This morning, Katherine asked me: "is it weird if I have a quesadilla for breakfast?" I was just waking up when she asked me that, so I imagined a flour tortilla with cinnamon sugar and reassured her that it would not be weird. Well she made a cheese quesadilla with a corn tortilla. so I called her stinky cheese katherine. Then I was being kind of crazy and laughing at everything...I am almost too much of a morning person...anyway so I put my face like 4 inches away from hers and started spooning cereal and milk into my mouth as fast as I could and she either didn't notice or didn't care and didn't look at me so in trying to stifle a laugh I sprayed out any milk that was in my mouth. The mist was so awesome looking and I had never done something like that so I ran to the other end of the room and fell to the floor in laughter. Well Katherine had milk all over her face. So then I called her "milkface-stinky cheese katherine" whoops. then a few minutes later I cooked sausage and she said "thanks, now I smell like sausage" So I called her "milk face-stinky cheese-smelly sausage katherine" It was a fun morning. haha I am laughing out loud right now.


Khyl and Michelle and Tay said...

Hal, Have I told you lately that I love you? That is hilarious! Thanks again for your help with Tay. Tonight as she was falling asleep she said "Hallies house. Cheese. She so nice. I ride scooter. Fun." You are a gem.

Kit said...

I didn't notice you staring at me--but i did notice the milky mist that shot at my face...sicko. Love you!

Jennifer said...

ha ha ha ha ha!!! i am totally cracking up!