Monday, July 9


I still have the stomach flu

I made bread pudding because all I eat is white bread
so why not make pudding out of it?

I played ultimate spoons last night and re-sprained my foot a wee bit

I cut myself some bangs

My roommates would get married before they turn 20 if they had the chance.

I enjoy going to bed early

I am no more useful than an old person.


seeingyouthere said...

i totally forgot to ask you about this today. bangs!?! how did that go?

Krystal said...

What's wrong with getting married before you're 20???

Hallie said...

bangs went well!

And oh...sorry krystal! I meant that if you haven't reached the level of maturity, which you were at when you were married, that you shouldn't want to get married before 20.