Wednesday, July 4

Well, it has come and gone folks. but the crackles and screams of fireworks still thunder on in my heart.

Traditions in my fam of the fourth:
1. parade
2. bbq
3. cul-de-sac of fire
4. watch fireworks coming from the stadium

1. The parade was a disappointment this year. a six wheel jeep stalled in front of us, and the floats were spread out so there were times where we would think "is it over?" no, no it isn't over. Look, here comes the high school band. well, i would rather not have to think that it is over. sorry president of the parade, but after politely asking you to improve this flaw, i saw no improvement.

2. I had 2 bbq's. bbq #1 was okay--and it wasn't you marcilyn, it was mostly the guy in the speedo. and the guy with the water gun. especially when they were put together. why were people wearing swimwear when we were indoors and a swimming pool wasn't in sight? Your outfit was cute though, marcilyn.

bbq #2 was sooo great because i ate the first real meal in seriously six days. and i am not kidding. this is not a joke. oh man i would have purposely fasted that long for that tasty meal. maybe not, but oh gee was it good.

my neighborhood has one...with dancing and lights and fireworks! Love to dance.

4. Watching fireworks that were coming from the stadium was different this year. I usually go off with my friends, park right next to the stadium and just let those fireworks explode right over us. well this year I was too caught up in the cul de sac of fire that I forgot to and so I watched them while I danced. They were the size of my thumb so not so fantastic.

Yeah this 4th of July doesn't make it on my favorites list but better 4th's to come, right? yes. always.

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seeingyouthere said...

agreed. provo was taking a year off on this one or something. next year i expect much much more. maybe it was partially my fault in expecting too much. i don't think a parade and people losing fingers is too much to ask?