Thursday, April 1

April Fooling

Cute fifth grade boy, class clown, with a fro that looks like a weeping willow, kept taping paper "fish" to the backs of students and made a humongous one for Mrs. Draper.

He made one for me too, but I always caught him before he could successfully attach it to me.

Walking out of the school, a coworker said, "You have something on your back." I smiled at the thought of froboy's stealth.

I have no idea when he could have done it, because it had to be after I put on my coat at the end of the day. When I removed the fish, fastened with duct tape, it had a note on it:
"Ha Ha
I got you.

(*pshyeah my cellular can't take pics. But I wanted to capture the shape of his paper fish and the glimpse of duct tape. The fish is now taped to my mirror, it makes me giggle.)

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