Thursday, September 6

The second day of school was good too...

Yeah and I am sick.

And just barely I was bumping my head against the corner of the elevator on my way back to the office and 5 inches from my face hiding behind the railing was a spider...a big spider with strips meaning it was a HOBO

So I told my supervisor and asked if I should call the custodian of the bldg (because something like this was not in my job description)

Then I was like "no, I can kill this spider"

So I went to the custodial closet and retrieved a long pole with a duster at the end
And my supervisor supervised me as I poked the spider
And it jumped down and ran really fast toward another corner and I yelled (not remembering to be professional) "HE'S STILL ALIVE, HE'S RUNNING FAST!" so my supervisor stepped on him Real good with her shoe and I yelled, "YOU GOT HIM! HE'S DEAD!!"

And some random lady I've never seen before walked by and was like "It's just a spider? gosh."

But that was exciting

oh and the pole broke in half because that spider needed to go no matter what sacrifice was made.

So I put the broken pole/duster back in the custodial closet with a note that said "Sorry we broke your pole, it was used to kill a spider. <3, B-202"


solidcommagirl said...

i heart this story more than any other. keep up the good work.

Holley said...

i like your stories because i get the best metal images, it makes me laugh out loud.

Khyl and Michelle and Tay said...

Lol . . .that is the best story ever! You should be a writer of some sort for a career because people would pay to hear stories like that. I loved it!

Alyson said...

Seriously your stories are the BEST cause they make me laugh so hard!