Thursday, August 23


This morning my office is empty because all the full time employees are at a meeting. Well our office bought dough nuts and chocolate milk for all the student employees, like me, who were not invited to the meeting.
Well as I was setting out the food and milk, I remembered that we had a half gallon of orange juice in our office refrigerator. I wanted orange juice more than I wanted chocolate milk. So I got the orange juice out and observed the expiration date which was a little smudged near the bottom, but it looked like it said 8/29/07. So I removed the lid and started pouring when i realized "oh yeah, I need to shake this up to get the best taste" So I closed the lid back on and shook it shook it shook it! I barely started unscrewing the lid when it hissed--like a soda would. So I went over to the trash, which is located between a cubicle wall and a shelf full of books and folders. Orange juice was pouring down the sides of the jug, so i put it over the trash as I unscrewed the entire lid and KA BOOM! orange juice exploded everywhere! Anything within a 3 feet diameter was covered--including three shelves of books and the entire wall on the opposite side...not to mention the orange and white striped jacket I am wearing.

Well I got a rag from the custodial room and got it cleaned up, looks just fine now. So I sighed in relief as I poured what was left after the explosion into my cup. Got my dough nut and sunk into my chair...finally! I took a big swig of the orange juice and my mouth was filled with the most repulsive, sour, and fizzy liquid. I spit it out, more orange juice flying everywhere (not on me this time) and threw the jug and my full cup away.
Yep, the date said 6/29/07. Gross.


Holley said...

hahahahahahahaha! this reminds me of another little incident that happened including a coke and some chocolate syrup. that was the best, man i miss working with you.

Holley said...

or should i say "working."

Alyson said...

Hahahaha best story ever!