Friday, August 17

Goodbye, Liberty

Liberty Square.
My friends warned me about you:
reeking with American Eagle and pooka shell necklaces.

Things I want to remember about this place:
  • The person I was before (normal) and the who I am now (psycho)
  • How my relief society teacher looked like my first blind date...and I couldn't look at her.
  • The flowers I found on the brink of death and so I watered them and now they are beautiful
  • I Capture the Castle movie in the lounge
  • The fact that I ate a total of 3 meals there
  • My ruthless bros before hoes roommate (and in some cases bros before boyfriend)
  • The pool
  • The red lips shaped soap bar
  • The time where I said the opening prayer for sacrament meeting: After the opening hymn I forgot that I was supposed to pray so I just sat there...then I remembered and said "OH!" kind of loud. On my way toward the podium I forgot to be graceful so I walked in my infamous "gestapo" way and stumbled to the front. During the prayer I got mixed up and forgot it was morning so I said "we're thankful for this morni-afternoo-morning..." and everyone busted out laughing.


holley said...

just to clarify, next time i see you please do the "gestapo walk" hahaha. i love you hal.

Krystal said...

OH MY GOSH!!! The prayer story is priceless, I laughed so hard because I can picture every bit of it like a movie in my mind. I love it.

The Shumway Family said...

So I laughed so hard at your prayer experience and have been giggling ever since.