Monday, February 11

Thoughts going through my brain

I am going on my second date with someone!
and the last time this technically happened was...hmmm...high school? I guess you could count the summer before last but those weren't technically dates.

I need to get my eyebrows waxed!

I need to take a shower

My sister and mom commented on my horrible breath...sorry if you have been a victim!

I want to be a red head again. Or at least have a red tint.

So I might go on a mission in the fall...should I stay at the apartment I am in or should I move in with my parents? What if I start dating someone that is coming home in the summer? I would go to school instead of on a mission. I wouldn't want to live with my parents unless I am definitely going on a mission. Ughhh why can't I just KNOW everything that will happen to me this year!


amanda said...

hallie, hallie! word sister. it will work out!! :)

Daron said...

I have an idea. Don't go on a mission. There you go. All the other decisions are useless. If you do go on a mission, you're two years behind in the dating game. Here's a tip no one else will give you: The hot guys marry the young ones. I just wanted to give you a heads up.