Thursday, June 25

Cupcake Party!

For my nieces and nephews i made rainbow cupcakes! This party was promised before viewing the movie "Up." I told them if they sat through the whole movie, we'd have a cupcake party! I'm a really nice aunt.

We decided to throw in a pizza as well.

The moms! Shelley came later...

Ty practicing his modeling. He is such a cutie!

The two baby boys! Shawn can slide down the slide and suck his thumb at the same time.

So...I guess all the cupcake icing was pretty intense on the tongue. We had to give the babies the lighter colors...just in case.

water fountain fun! Taylor (female, left) got a paper towel and wiped off everyone's dirty face.

Then I got them all sitting in a row. I really love all these kids. Living with the parents is nice because I get to see them more often. I'll take them all home with me and keep them forever, please.


Krystal said...

Yeah--you can have em! Really though, you're an awesome amazing aunt!

Mark and Mal said...

You are the best aunt ever! So good to see you at the shower. I love you girl! I think I am going to go make some cupcakes!