Thursday, June 11

4 movies I've seen recently

Oh by the way my job is really cool. I like the work. And I have a cool area with lots of windows. The am going to experiment and find a sleeping schedule that suits me. I am thinking midnight to 4am then 8:30 am to noon? Is that bad for you? (not you but me?)

Before I started my job I would watch a couple movies a week.
I don't give the plot or any significant information away for any of the following movies.
Reader's Discretion is advised.

Filmed in New Zealand.
Fun Fact: The motorcycle scene was filmed in the Elf Forest of Lord of the Rings.
I loved this movie! But even if it was not a good movie I would still love it! Because I went to some of the places where Wolverine was! And duh. It's Hugh.

I saw this one TWICE last week.
It is very entertaining.
I love the silent parts where there is no dialogue.
Beautiful movie, not just a kids movie.

State of Play.
It's at the DOLLAR theater! So we went on Tuesday night for a dollar.
I didn't lean back in my seat once. It just pulled me in, every second. Just good stuff.

Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian.
Almost fell asleep. And I don't know if that is because we saw the midnight showing or if it was really boring.
You decide.

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Khyl and Michelle and Tay said...

Good to know. I am going to try to go to more movies with Khyl because I know he LOVES them. Maybe we should hit up State of Play at the dollar theater. We just saw Star Trek, and I really liked it.