Monday, October 19

2nd first day this year.

First conversation I heard as 2nd grade students were coming in:

Steve: You're an amateur.
Jack: WHAT?!
(Steve runs away.) That's not a word you hear in elementary school let alone 2nd grade.

I look up during writing time and Millie is pretending she's blind. Then she does this tricky hand motion to her eyes and she isn't blind any more. It's really entertaining. She does this often.

Richard: "Where's Dallin?"
Brian: "I think he's got the swine flu."
Richard: "I hope so!"

My teacher has candy, cereal, and/or pretzels in every corner of her room. I like this lady. I put an orange and green skittle in my mouth at the same time. It's a good combo, try it.

Well she gives out like one m&m or one skittle for good behavior/finished work. This happens several times during the day. Before she hands any edible item, a student goes around distributing squirts of with hand sanitizer. I'm taking tallies tomorrow for how many times the students apply hand sanitizer. That'll be cool to see. Very appropriate precaution.

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