Sunday, September 6

The social aspect of my life

If you put "hours per week of social life" on the y coordinate and "time since she's been back from NZ" on the x coordinate, you would see a slow but steady increase. I purposely dropped off the planet this summer. It felt kind of good to pretend I didn't exist.

Then I started going crazy. There were no more books to read or something, I don't know what happened. So I started spending time with friends. Then the social itch comes back and you gotta just keep getting out of the house or you'll go crazy. Now it feels good to exist and play with people.

I still need to work on initiating things. I have really loyal friends that invite me to stuff. I never have to do much, I just do what they are doing. So I think I need to have a party soon.

The trouble with me is that I always get a cold sore or a massive zit on my face that makes me want to not exist again. Like on a holiday weekend.

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Alyson Cowley said...

Oh man, my graph would show an exponential DECREASE!! Good for you for increasing yours. I need to be more proactive too.