Friday, September 11

I am 9 years old.

Almost to Lindon Elementary School, my mom calls.
Mom: "Did you forget your lunch?"
Me: "Yes."
Mom: "Well I am going up that way this morning, I can bring it by"
Me: "Thanks, just leave it at the main office and text me."

I get to school early and tell my teacher "I am going to sound like I'm 8 years old but my mom is bringing me my lunch because I forgot it so I might have to step out and get it."

My mom in the main office, 20 minutes after school starts:
"What room is Hallie Shumway in? I'm her mom, can I just drop it off in her classroom?"
Secretary: "Oh no no no, we'll call her in."
Mom leaves, confused.

Sitting in my classroom during journal sharing time, Intercom announces: "Miss Barley? Will you send Hallie Shumway to the main office?"
Great. I thought I could get away with those kids not knowing my first name.
My teacher busts out in quiet, mocking laughter.
I leave the classroom and walk to the office like a bashful 9 year old in trouble. As I turn the corner, I see my mom walking out to her car. So I run out & yell "Thanks mommy!"

I walk into the main office.
"I'm Hallie Shumway"
Secretary, embarrassed: "Oh! I'm so sorry I thought you were a student!"

Thanth, Mith Thecretawy. I feew wame enouf having my mommy bwing me my wunch. Then you call me over de innercome wike I'm in fowrf gwade.

I walk back in the classroom. "Hi, Hayley!" One student mocks.
"My name isn't HAYLEY!"


Alyson Cowley said...

I just have to say that I absolutely love the stories that happen in your life. It's especially great the way you tell them. This one is particularly good.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! I absolutely love this story!!!!!!!

Tawny Crane said...

I love YOU! one of the few who actually get to go back and experience being 9 again :)

Raymon said...

Please just put me in your pocket so that I can experience all of your moments. I'm in love with them.

Hallie said...

Hey sweet girl, I'll bring your lunch whether you're 9 or 29, and next time I'll just tell that secretary I'm there for MISS Shumway, the TEACHER ! ! (Take that)

AEJones said...

I love your blog! This was a great story!